Video: Second Indiana Planned Parenthood clinic violates the law

Yesterday, the Indiana Attorney General announced a criminal investigation into a Planned Parenthood clinic that got exposed in attempting to thwart child-abuse notification laws. Today, the AG may have another clinic to investigate, as Lila Rose publishes another of her Mona Lisa Project undercover videos showing how Planned Parenthood workers actively advise children how to avoid state laws on parental notification…

The first time could just be a rogue employee, but this second incident in the same month suggests a pattern of responses from Planned Parenthood. The faces change, but the dialogue remains almost exactly the same. “I don’t want to know the age,” comes the immediate response. Even the hand gestures mimic the previous video. Once again, the abortion counselor gives a helpful geography lesson to a putative 13-year-old girl, suggesting that the child drag herself over state lines to get the abortion rather than follow the law and report the incident to the police.

Thank you for posting this.

This breaks my heart. How many girls are being abused by these man who are being enabled by PP and all of those “pro-choicers”, “feminiest” or what ever they want to call themselves are helping and enabling this abuse to go on.

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