Video, Seven Last Words Of Christ

Today is the feast of the Cross and this video was made in 1982, a tribute to the cross and to Christ’s last words on the cross, narrated by Princess Grace of Monaco. As Princess Grace grew older, she became closer to her faith. She died on this day, September 14th, which is also the Christian feast of the cross or exaltation of the cross. The cross is today the universal image of Christian belief. Grace spoke out often in interviews about her faith, praying the rosary, how her faith helped her and her family. Her last film appearance was in the Vatican, filming a mini-documentary about Christ’s last words on the cross. Vatican. Much has been said about her life, as an actress, a princess, a wife and mother. It is somehow a fitting that the last video she made had as a subject, the faith that was so dear to her. Grace appears in the first seven and last eight minutes of this Video. Then Cardinal Ratzinger also appears in the last few minutes of the Video praying the rosary.

What a find!!! Thanks so much! Bookmarked for later viewing.

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