Video that mimics creation of existence


I found this video on YouTube which metaphors what the creation of a universe would be like. It’s obviously not from a Christian perspective, but I found so many of the points indirectly point to God. Would love if someone a bit more knowledgeable on Catholic theology and philosophy could share their opinion.

Thanks :slight_smile:


This is basic atheistic pandering. It ignores the fundamental question of existence itself, and presents long-refuted alternatives. No matter how many levels up you try to move the argument, ultimately the Catholic arguments for God still hold true because there must be an initial cause. This ignores that, and seems to imply that the potential for a level of existence above ours removes the necessity for God.

It also makes some stupid argument comparing the immortal nature of the soul with a character built in flash.

In short, it’s really pretty stupid. It was honestly hard to listen to the whole thing, because they’re making all kinds of assumptions with far less evidence than the theistic position.


This is the definition of a straw man argument.


All i see here is a very weak attempt at making a theist seem like an idiot despite the fact that most of what he said is logically correct but not very well stated. And then to make matters worse the Atheist proposes a multiverse and the possibility that they live in a computer simulation as a counter argument. Clearly the atheist who wrote this doesn’t understand the prime-mover argument, otherwise he would understand that it is irrelevant whether or not we live in a computer or a multiverse. Something has to be the ultimate cause of all change regardless have how many possible changing things there are (something has to give actuality to potential), and that cannot be a natural process or a multiverse or even a computer because these things themselves are subject to change.

To all atheist philosophers. If you are going to challenge an argument it would be better to understand what is being argued first.

The video attempts to guide us into the possibility that despite all reason to the contrary we could be wrong, but it failed. The two guys in the video did have a meaning and purpose to their lives after all…to convey a fallacy. loool

Other than that, it was a good video.


It’s a shame, because this could have been a great introduction to the history of philosophy. But it ended up being a misinformed straw-man for the sake of putting forward a naturalistic alternative to God. But then again the history of philosophy could be characterised as a gradual shift towards metaphysical-naturalism.

Other than that I really like the way they set it up.

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