Video: the Moment He Realized He was Surrounded by the Children He had Saved, Who He Had Rescued from Death by the Nazis

The video is at the beginning of the article linked below. In 1938 on a trip in Europe, he ended leading 600 children our of a country the Nazis had just taken over, most Jewish who would have been killed by the Nazis. In 1988 the BBC invited him to a broadcast–but he didn’t know they also invited children whose lives he had saved.

Thanks for sharing this with us. That was an amazing story. What is also amazing is that Nicholas is still alive today and is 105 years old now. :slight_smile:


I am NOT crying. I am NOT…

Remarkable. We never know the end result of either a good or a bad act.
I liked his remark at 105, " …I’m not ill, just old and doddery. " What wonderful health he enjoyed.

Thank you.


And he was just honored again in Czechoslovakia … at age 105?!

Queen Elizabeth knighted Winton in 2002. He’s come to be known as the “British Schindler.”

Recently, Sir Nicholas was feted in Czechoslovakia, accompanied by many of those he’d rescued, now known as “Nicky’s Children.” The reason for the party? Sir Nicholas was celebrating his 105th birthday.

We often think that we can’t do big things to help or change the world, but perhaps only small, almost insignificant things. This story shows how one act by one person can have such monumental impact on the lives of so many. And consider the undoubted thousands of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of these survivors who would never have existed if not for this man. Double Wow!

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