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Sometimes on forums in Internet we try to persuade each other by means of written words or texts. But Internet gives us also possibility to share videos. So can you give an example of a video which shows a perfect man in your religion? I think that such a video can be one of proofs that certain religion is true. Here is an example. I think that in Orthodox Christianity such perfect Christian is previous Russian Patriarch Alexy II. Here is a short video (15 minutes) with him. Although he speaks in Russian, but this is unimportant, if you don’t know Russian – you can just look at his behaviour, face. In this video he describes how he usually spends his day. Doesn’t he look like a perfect Christian?

… And here is one more interesting video with Alexy II – his last interview:

I like to think that the best people in the world are the quietest about it. Also, dying for another human being is the greatest love according to Jesus.

dronald, yes, we mustn’t praise ourselves, but we can praise someone else.

Nice video.

I think Mother Teresa is a good example of what a Christian should be as well. And I find Pope Francis very admirable. (Sorry I don’t have any videos, I’m typing this on my smartphone) :slight_smile:

I hesitate using perfect to describe any human being though. (Besides the Blessed Mother;)) We all sin and fall short.

…right out of my mouth. Sorry, no perfect people on this planet. :thumbsup:

Robyn p and SteveVH, I didn’t mean “absolutely perfect”, but rather “almost perfect”.

I hesitate to call any person perfect. The closest thing to a perfect place in this lifetime is wherever a holy person is. The nur of Allah is in their hearts, on the their tongues and permeates everything in their vicinity. A man like Mufti Ismail Menk, for example.

Ah ok. Gotcha. :thumbsup:

What is the definition of “perfect”?

I mean someone, at whom when you look and to whom you listen, you think: “it doesn’t seem that he is being led by some evil hidden motive, such as desire to become famous, or rich, or lazyness; and so, if his religion was wrong, then why would he had chosen that wrong religion? He could only choose true religion”.

So, do you agree, that not only the words of the saints, but their very countenances are full of grace?

This has to be the worst possible way to test if something has merit. The religion itself is what should be examined, not a single thing more to evaluate the merit of it. A thing could be accurate and true and have the worst possible representative. Likewise, a thing could be innacurate and false and have a representative that shows well.

Jesus Christ is the only perfect man.

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