Video: woman topples 15-foot crucifix in St. Patrick's Catholic Church, as part of anti-Catholic spree when she smashes Catholic statues in the church and in a store


Surveillance footage caught a woman walking into the sanctuary of this parish at 12:15 p.m., and heading straight for the altar, where she appraised the 15-foot tall crucifix before ultimately toppling it, video shows.

From the sanctuary, Chavira headed to the church’s prayer room, where she threw a religious statue on the ground and tore down two large religious artworks as two church-goers prayed in the room, according to police.


Prayers for her.


Prayers for this disturbed person’s soul. Glad she limited herself to inanimate objects and didn’t harm any of the people praying in the prayer room.

I think that crucifix needs to be a bit more firmly affixed though. I’d be afraid of something that big being able to topple that easily.


Yikey yikes! :scream:


Drugs or mental illness, poor thing. Prayers she can get the help she needs.


You can tell from her photo something isn’t right with her. I offer up prayers to God for her. So sad.


I was thinking that the one in my parish is affixed higher than a person can reach so that makes it safer I suppose.

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