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I don’t entirely understand the point of the video. It was more or less an introduction to a website endorsing dispensationalism.

In Pax Christi


This pastor is my favorite…just click on Amazing Facts or go to the videos page for a fun time in Bible prophecy and amazing facts of life and the bible!


“Info Tipper”? What does that mean? I see you are a Seventh Day Adventist, so I assume this site promotes this religion. We have had quite a few Adventists here at Catholic Answers, so I am familiar with your beliefs and I believe them to be in error.

I would invite you to view the videos at EWTN:

Streaming Audio & Video:

You can read amazing facts here:

God Bless!


Hmm…I had a look and there was like alot of praying to Mary stuff going on for quite a long time…guess I missed the Bible study hour er something so I will have to check back later on with it.

I just wanted to share my favorite Bible prophecy, It Is Written and Amazing Facts videos with whomever may find the link to enjoy them as much as I have.

I love how it goes right along with the Bible as you read along as well.

Clears up alot of confusion people might have in them.

Very informative, interesting Bible truths coupled with some great and wonderful stories and facts make it very much worth sharing with others :slight_smile:

God bless you too!



Like sands through the hour glass, so too are the Days of Our Lives…:smiley:


I forgot to ask…why do you say you believe Seventh-day Adventist’s beliefs to be in error?

Could you give me a brief (or long) explanation of why you say that?

Especially right off the bat like that?


This could explain why we Catholics believe Seventh-Day Adventists belief are in error.


Well, I can tell you that whole page is filled with anything but the truth.

What I am saying are those are some great videos and if anyone hasn’t seen 'em, you should.


I’ve heard this guy before. I was up eating breakfast rather early and heard him explain definatively and un-erringly that the Vatican is the Whore of Babylon that was prophecied in the Bible. I spit my cheerios clear across the room!!!

Go-it-alone, is this an example of his teachings that you love?

This guy is very, VERY good at spinning the truth around to fit his pre-conceived notion of Truth.

Sorry, go-it-alone, I’m not picking up what you’re putting down.


Why should I accept the magisterial authority of the Seventh Day Adventist Church? Do they hold to the Apostolic interpretation of scripture?


Hi goitalone!

I’m a former Adventist who finally found my way home to the Catholic Church. I’ve edited and resposted this bit from a previous thread I started, as this seems to be a good time to bring it up again.

I became disatisfied with SDA teachings while attending an SDA college in the early 80s. For years I avoided discussion with SDAs other than close family (only because those discussions were unavoidable). In what few discussions came about, a point many Adventists tried to make, was that attitudes have ‘changed’, adventism has ‘matured’ and that many of the issues that led to my leaving are no longer around.

Well, things do change, the internet made discussion both more accessible and more anonymous, so I started conversations. (anonymity is a big deal when you have a lot of 3rd and 4th generation Adventists in the family, many of them working for their denomination.)

What I have found here and in other forums around the internet, is that not much has changed from what I can see. It is maybe packaged differently, prettier wrappings… but I can’t see that anything has really changed.

I have a list of issues where I think Adventist teachings have strayed from the truth, but as its best to deal with one thing at a time in a thread, i’m going to start with one of the first things (out of many) that began to push me out of my comfort zone to consider that maybe as an Adventist I wasn’t following the Truth after all.

As I came to the Adventist school as an upperclassman transfer, I had a great many religion courses to take that were required classes but of course were not available at the state university I had attended. I had 12 religion credits that first semester. Four classes. Each class had a different style, but the substance was the same: “Catholicism is not Christian becuase they believe…” “The Catholic Church is evil and apostate becuase history records they did …” Almost everything fit into those two categories, just fill in the blank with the specific details.

I began to have a problem in class though. Especially the first category. One professor devoted an entire hour to a lecture on ‘Mary worship’ and elaborated extensively on it and why it was wrong. As a kid I had attended a Catholic gradeschool and as was usual at that time, we attended daily mass and memorized our catechism lessons out of the Baltimore Catechism. What the Adventist professor was teaching was not what I remembered learning. At the end of class, when there was opportunity for questions, I brought up that the Catholic church does not teach about Mary as he had just told the class, expecting some reasonable answer. His response was that everything the Catholic church publishes to teach its doctrine are deceptive lies to make things seem ok, but that the reality is the Catholic church teaches ‘Mary Worship’ becuase it is really pagan godess worship disguised as Christianity. He then refused further quesitoning in class on the subject.

As the semester continued, this became a very familiar pattern.

“History says…” but what I remembered from college level history classes was very different. “the Catholic church believes…” but what I remembered of instruction in catholic belief was very different. I thought maybe I was remembering wrong, so I began researching Catholic beliefs, after all I only had a few months of elementary school level catechesis.

My research supported what I remembered learning, not the Adventist versions.


Why don’t we use this thread to start a real discussion?

One issue at a time, with some thoughtful posts.

I’m willing to tackle any subject you would like to discuss further, the sabbath, the spirit of prophecy, adventist end times doctrines, the ‘health message’. Take your pick.



I believe that the last person that started a thread similar to this with videos or sound clips everyone should watch or listen to was a Jehovah’s Witness.

The biggest flaw in the Seventh Day Adventist’s beliefs is the Saturday Sabbath. They say that Sunday Sabbath is evil (attacking the Catholic faith mostly). I get occassional junk in the mail proclaiming the end is coming, come to this one church to learn more. (Haven’t for awhile though, THANK GOD)

Jesus did say that ‘NO one will know the time or place when the Son of Man will come again.’


That’s fine with me if you’d like to

I do not know who taught you exactly what and when, but it does appear it was along time ago it may have been that this teacher didn’t know or was the best at what they knew/taught but I do know that I can’t find no better answer than from what the Bible says and that musch more is now known from back then…the devil is the master of deception and obviously done his job well or there would not be so much religious confusion and so many different religions themselves…he doesn’t want the truth to be known and is working his hardest than ever to decieve as many as he can about God’s Bible truths for he knows his time here id shorter than ever as I am sure you should all well know.


That’s why we must defeat the devil at his own game by faithfully holding to the Apostolic Interpretation of Scripture instead of the man-made ones that came along since then.


No one here ever said they knew the hour of His return now did they? But it’s not hard to see it’s near. Bible prophecy makes that way too clear.

And the only flaw of the Sabbath truth is most have forgotten REMEMBER it to keep it and to keep it holy.

Why would God wrote it in stone with His own finger with great importance starting that COMMANDMENT ONLY out with REMEMBER?

Because He knew most of the world would forget it and take up Sunday.

God did not sanctify it or REST on Sunday, nor does it say anywhere in the Bible to keep the first day holy or to rest on that day.

We are to obey God and His Word, not just because some religious group say’s to, but because the Bible does.


Exactly! :wink:


So where does it say in the commandment that it is to be on Saturday? That the seventh day must be Saturday?

The first day of the work week is Monday, the seventh day would be Sunday.

It all depends on an interpretation of scripture (tradition)

All you have to do is show me which Bible verse declares the weekly sabbath to be Saturday?

Most of Christendom have their worship services every 7th day - on Sunday.

The commandment says we are to work six days and rest on the seventh. It doesn’t say anything anywhere that 7th day must be Saturday.

It all depends on an interpretation of scripture (tradition)

So, did the Apostles hold to this tradition? If yes, show it to me in the Bible.

In order to obey God’s word, we must hold to the Apostolic interpretation of scripture, not a man-made interpretation that came around eighteen centuries later when the SDA’s were founded.


This is why I reject the SDA’s interpretation of scripture, for they’re not holding to the Apostolic interpretation of scripture. They’re holding to a man-made one.


The Bible says the teachings are wrong…Pastor Doug didn’t say it, the Bible says’ it.

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