Videos of a day in the life of Holy Resurrection Monastery

The local newspaper recently did a feature of HRM in the newspaper and produced a few short videos on their web site. Have a look.

This was so awesome! I’m close to a Russian Orthodox monastery called the Hermitage of the Holy Cross and the life of the monks there seems very similar. This reminds me of them! I’d love to visit one day! Sometimes I feel like I’m teetering between East and West!

Fr Moses-- It’s such a wonderful spread! Since you’ve “liked” it you know we shared it on our parish FB earlier today. We sent the link out on our parish email also. It’s really great evangelization for your community, and for all of us Greek Catholics. :slight_smile:

These videos are fantastic!! Does anyone know if these monks are really Catholic…they look a bit Orthodox for me.

I think I might just have to visit them.


Of course they’re 100% Catholic! The shame is that people have one thing in mind when they think of “Catholics.” Because we Latins comprise the majority of the Church doesn’t mean that other liturgical traditions are somehow less Catholic. They’re fully loyal to Rome :thumbsup:

I have visited other Eastern Catholic Monasteries and none of them looked this “Orthodox”. Just making sure. They certainly look like the real deal.

They’re hardcore, aren’t they! I love it!

I curious. What should they look like if not fully Orthodox, other than the heirarch they commemorate?

They certainly seem “hard core”! I can’t wait to visit! :thumbsup:

I visited Holy Transfiguration Monastery as well as their Skete in MI a few years back. Both places seemed very Roman Catholic.

They wore a sort of Benedictine habit that was somewhat modified, not what you see Orthodox monks wearing. The services were kind of Byzantine but something wasn’t quite right…for example during Vespers they stood around a stand with a censer instead of doing an incensation. In place of the canon at Orthros they sang some other hymns.

Things just seemed a bit off…compared to Orthodox monasteries I’ve been to.
I just thought that that was the norm for Byzantine catholic monasteries from what I had seen. I’m very glad to see Holy Resurrection is more in the Orthodox model.

I can’t wait to visit the monks!


I pray more Byzantine Catholic monasteries like this are established in the US.

What did you think of the videos? I thought they were fantastic.

I’ve often wondered if that’s why Holy Transfiguration/Mt Tabor Monastery is so popular with Latin Catholics. The EC parishoners in our parish have tended to go to the OCA Monastery in Manton.

I can’t wait to visit the monks!

If you haven’t seen the interviews Catherine Anderson did with Abbot Nicholas, Fr Maximos, and Fr Moses some years ago you should check them out. If you click on the “see more” (or something like that) you can see a list of all the questions she asks in that particular segment.


I sent that from my phone and it doesn’t look like that link goes where it did on my phone.
Try these:

Eastern Catholic Theology PART 1 with Fr. Abbot Nicholas of Holy Resurrection Monastery, and Eastern Catholic Theology PART 2

Feasting in the Byzantine Church Year with Fr. Moses of HRM
Fasting in the Byzantine Church Year with Fr. Moses of HRM

“Who are Eastern Catholics?” PART 1 with Fr. Maximos of HRM
“Who are Eastern Catholics?” PART 2

I’m sure they are trying their best. Did you take these problems directly to them first?
Who are we to criticize? These guys gave up everything to be monks.
Heck, an Orthodox Church near me uses an organ and a bell to tell people when to kneel…lol

Also, I smell something fishy with your first message…first you come on here asking if they are Catholic- that they look Orthodox…then you say you visited their monastery AND their skete and you found it “very Roman Catholic”.

Somethings not adding up here. They explain who they are pretty well on the video and if you visited them already- you should know that they are Catholic.

Holy Resurrection Monastery (the video etc., Uncle Bill says he wants to visit), and Holy Transfiguration (the Monastery Uncle Bill says he has visited), are two totally different Monasteries, under totally different jurisdictions.

Although they use the term “Byzanite” in this video they are referring to their Liturgical Rite, not the Byzantine Catholic Church (Ruthenian). They are in the Romanian Catholic Church, not the Byzantine Catholic Church (Ruthenain).

The Holy Transfiguration Monastery is part of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

I was only bringing an observation…not at all meant as a criticism. Please forgive me if I have caused offence.


The video was wonderful and the monastery is truly a treasure of the Eastern Catholic Church. God grant you many years!

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