Videos to help non-Catholics with scripture & early church quotes

First, a testimony! As a protestant earlier, I was really confused. I say that because each church I attended taught and practiced different things. For example, most taught of the trinity, and I was baptized in a Seventh-Day Adventist one, and the United Church of God refused the trinity and hatred towards Sunday keepers. This church would start giving false claims of the Catholic church too, and I didn’t know much of the church at that time, but I told the pastor he was wrong once on a false point. Another example is gold dust and diamonds falling from the ceiling at a Pentecostal church, as if God was throwing diamonds and saying “Come, follow me” at a few select churches.

I started to back away. The Christian church taught against the Church of Babylon - of confusion, which Satan is more of a better fit for such a leader.

I had to start looking into the scriptures and what the early church fathers taught to see the source of the church before the whole protestant movement began. It took me three years, but looking into the source finally led me home.

But that joy in finding the truth should not be kept to myself! I tried to put all of my notes together in videos. Each video has scripture and early church quotes on a particular topic. I hope it may be of help to non-Catholics who are searching or simply studying the faith. God bless you on your studies. :thumbsup:

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