Viet Nam vet priest's name - help

I happened to catch part of a show that aired this week on EWTN; I think it was Mother Angelica Live encore. It was about a Fr. C_____o; I didn’t get his full name and wanted to search for more info about him. Can anyone give me his name, and possibly a link?

He was a brave chaplain who was in battle in Viet Nam. He refused to carry a weapon and established several chapels. I’d like to send info to my son who is in the Persian Gulf (Navy, USS STennis).

Thank you for all replies!


I think I heard of him before. Vincent Capodanno? The one who received the Medal of Honor? Google it, I think there’s a few websites devoted to him and his story. :slight_smile:

Yes, Thanks!!
That’s him. I should’ve written it down when I saw the show.

I am asking his intercession for my son and those in the military who need to get closer to the Lord.

He’s not been canonized as yet.


I also found this:


Grunt Padre by Fr. Daniel Mode

This is the story of Fr. Vincent Capodanno and how he won his martyrdom on the battlefield in Vietnam in 1967, taking 27 bullets as he used his body to shield a group of “grunt” Marines. Miracles and marvelous happenings began immediately following his death. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor and had a battleship named for him. It was his great love of the sacraments that inspired him to risk his life to bring them to young men dying on the battlefield. His love for every man in the many battalions he served is attested to by the many who received the benefit of his priesthood, both Catholic and non-Catholic, all of whom recognized his as a living saint. This story will give courage and inspiration to everyone – especially those with military friends and families fighting current battles, because Fr. Capodonno’s missionary activity is still going on. Paperback, 196 pages. Available from: Catholic Treasures, POB 5034, Monrovia, CA 91017-1734. (800) 257-4893. Item #30263. $19.95.

The first story entited Badge of Grace by Christine Trollinger in a book called Amazing Grace for the Catholic Heart from Ascension Press tells one of the miracle stories of Fr. Vincent in it. it is a story about Christine’s brother while wearing his Sacred Heart badge lie dying on a battlefield in Vietnam but before he died he was given the last rites by Fr.Vincent. Only Fr.Vincent died himself 17 days before her brother was caught in the bloody crossfire. Miracles happen! You can’t read it without extra tissues. God bless our saints.

My father was in the seminary with Fr. Vincent. Eventually my father left, met my mother, and here I am. Several years ago he met the priest who wrote the book mentioned above, The Grunt Padre. I read the book in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. I am convinced Fr. Capodanno is in heaven, and I have prayed to him for his intercession many times. I pray for his eventual beatification and canonization. I believe the Archdiocese of the Military has begun the process.

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