Vietnam man runs 'abortion orphanage'

The 41-year-old Catholic from the coastal town of Nha Trang has opened his door to unwed expectant mothers in a country that logs one of the world’s highest abortion rates. In 2006, there were more than 114,000 abortions at state hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City — outnumbering births.

… shelters for women who want to keep their babies are rare. Phuc promises them food and a roof until they give birth, and then cares for the children until the mothers can afford to take them. In the past four years, he’s taken in 60 kids, with about half still living in his two houses.

“Sometimes we have 10 mothers living here … sleeping on the floor,” says Phuc, a thin man with dark, weathered skin and teeth stained brown from years of smoking. “The problem is that a lot of young people live together and have sex, but they have no knowledge about getting pregnant. So they get abortions.”;_ylt=AowzCd7nWzM19I3svMndpFYUewgF

Looks like the bar for putting your money where your mouth is just got raised. That’s wonderful :slight_smile:

What a wonderful thing this man is doing. :slight_smile: Kudos to him! I pray that God blesses him as well as that orphanage and all the children in it.

How amazing!! It brought me tears. I loved reading of the bibs and booties drying in the sun. So beautiful.

27 babies have gone home!!! May our Lord continue to bless this selfless man and his dear family.

thank you for this. I will try and get a story on this article on my blog. I need positive stories like this for people to read. :slight_smile:

I know that area well. There are a lot of Catholics there.

Let us pray that we see more of these appear throughout the whole world.

Second that!!:thumbsup: May God Bless him and his family for the wonderful work they are doing!

The original link is no longer working. Here is an active link to the story:

It would be good to be able to see if this is a legit story. and if so supporting this man in some way. it wouldn’t take much. as western dollars go a long way in places like veitnam.

What a wonderful story may God Bless him!

I agree - perhaps some Catholic organizations with Vietnamese ties can investigate.

I found one blog which has his address:

And I also found a website which has quite a few relevant photos, in addition to the claim that "In 2006, President Nguyen Minh Triet sent a letter to Phuc to praise Phuc and his wife for their benevolence."

May God bless this man and his virtuous work. Please pray for him and the Church in Vietnam which continues to remain faithful to the Gospel despite decades of persecution. There is hope, vocations to the priesthood and religious life are increasing tremendously. There are many in Vietnam like this man and it is desperately needed. Vietnam has one of the highest abortion rates in the entire world.

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