Vietnam’s Proposed Marriage Law Disappoints LGBT Activists


HANOI — The latest draft of Vietnam’s Law on Marriage and Family has disappointed gay rights activists who were hoping it would define legal rights for cohabiting same-sex couples.

It is a good thing that this has disappointed “gay rights activists”. It is a good thing that Vietnam is not allowing “gay marriage” despite the disgusting advance of the homosexual agenda in Vietnam.

Yes, homosexuals do have rights. They have a right to live in freedom and peace. They have a right to have a job. They have a right to a home. They have a right to health care. However, they do NOT have a right to “gay marriage” or to adopt children. God gives us all the rights we have and any “right” that a government gives us which is contradictory to God’s will is not a right at all but is instead a grave sin.


Communists have never been big fans of homosexual lifestyle, this recent news from Vietnam is good to hear.


Good news! :thumbsup:


Amen, sister!

As much as I dislike communism in practise, the one thing I do like is its relative intolerance of sexual perversion. (Not in this country, of course. But in its fatherland, hoo boy.)


Yeah I agree with you. I think, though, that some Communist nations have had a history of violence towards those who they considered to be perverts such as homosexuals. Granted, I definitely believe that homosexual unchastity is perverted but anyway, I used the phrasing I did because not everyone’s definition of a pervert is the same. But anyway, I would have to condemn the violence. Unjust discrimination against a person because of their sexual orientation is gravely immoral. Keep in mind that I did say unjust discrimination. There is such a thing as completely justified discrimination.


True. Very true. But, as communism is founded on the idea that violence is the only way to solve the big problems, anyway, it’s not all that surprising.

Nevertheless, the right plan of action is not persecution and violence to perverts. It is education - proper education - of our children, reaching out to perverts, and always loving them and treating them with human dignity.


Yes, you are exactly right! I am also not surprised that Communism would involve violence against perverts. I absolutely condemn the violence though. Also, I am not going to label everyone who is gay, bisexual, or lesbian as a pervert because many of these people do not want the same sex attraction that they have but they are subjected to it anyway. I suffer from same sex attraction and believe me I would get rid of it in an instant if I could. So in my opinion, because I don’t want the attraction that means that I am not a pervert. However, if someone wants the attraction and acts on it by being unchaste with people of the same sex then in my own personal opinion, that is perverted.


As I understand it, the Church would agree. You may not be able to control your bodily whims, but that doesn’t mean you need to accept them. Certainly that is the Stoic position.

But, may I be honest? I do feel there is a use for a Gulag - perhaps not with all the ice and snow. But maybe, for moral dissidents, a government-funded one-way ticket to the destination of your choice would be a better solution? Complete with paid housing for you for the rest of your life in said destination (unless you change your mind)?

We have quarantines for physical contagions. Why not ideological, moral, and intellectual ones?


I think the first thing to do if you really want to reach out to gay people is to stop calling them perverts. The word itself is demeaning.



I was not thinking. Political correctness never was a strong point of mine.

I meant “perverts” as a catch-all term - for homosexuals, paedophiles, incestuous folk, rapists, transgender folk, cohabitors, etc. etc. etc. In the Freudian sense, of deviating from the norm (particularly of God’s law). Not everyone who practises an alternate sexuality is of the LGBT crowd.


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