Vietnamese Order of Mass

My wife is Vietnamese, and converted to Catholicism after she came to the USA. She has an interest in seeing the order of the Mass as written in Vietnamese so she can more fully understand the mass in English.

Does anyone know where we might find such a thing. I’ve googled all over the internet and can’t find it.

Thanks in advance!

I know you’re in southern California, but perhaps you could try to contact The Cathedral of Christ the Light up north in Oakland, CA. They have masses in Vietnamese, so perhaps someone there can direct you to resources in your area.

There is also Vietnamese Catholic News Service, which may or may not have some interesting information or links for you. I’m not sure that there’s anything beyond current Catholic news in Vietnamese, but maybe your wife can find something in the Vietnamese section that I am not seeing in the English.

Good luck to you both and God bless.

Have you gone to your diocese’ website? Our diocese here in Phoenix has a listing of ethnic masses and there may be a similar listing on your own diocese’ website.

I googled “vietnamese roman missal” and got Vol XVIII January 2007 on that says:

Purchasing the Vietnamese Roman Missal
Contact information for obtaining a copy of the Roman Missal in Vietnamese has been changed.
Copies of the new Missal may be obtained from Reverend John Tran, Our Lady of the
Assumption Church, Claremont, California (phone: 909-626-3596)

Hopefully that information is still accurate. If it is not I recommend asking the Lovers of the Holy Cross, but they might not be in your area. Hmm, there are some Vietnamese Dominican sisters in Texas who might know, as well as any Vietnamese priest you find. There are a lot of priests in the Diocese of Orange in California who might know as well. Uh, the Vietnamese Redemptorist Church of Long Beach may know as well.

Hahaha, don’t drive all the way to Oakland when there’s plenty here in SoCal.

Vietnamese Masses in Orange County:

Complete list:

Vietnamese Masses in Los Angeles County:

Vietnamese Masses in San Bernardino County:

Vietnamese Masses in Ventura County:

Vietnamese Masses in San Diego County:**

Hahaha. I stand very happily corrected! That is great! (And I had no idea there even was such a site as “”…something new to put in my ‘favorites’!)

Thank you all for trying to help. I just want to clarify…we’re not looking for places to actually attend a Vietnamese Mass. My wife wants to have a copy of the written order of Mass so she knows what to say ahead of time when we visit some relatives, and to be better able to understand the prayers and responses (Vietnamese is her native language).

I don’t speak or read Vietnamese myself, so there might be something on a Vietnamese web site which says in Vietnamese “Order of the Mass” but I wouldn’t know it. My wife works (I’m retired) so I’m trying to find this for her during the day.

What we really need is an on-line version of this document, except written in Vietnamese.


I don’t think that’s available online. Email one of the parishes above and they might be able to send you a copy.

Here’s a pdf doc of the missal in vietnamese.

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you jackcandy!!!

God Bless You

Please try this: It’s aVietnamese website, your wife can help you out.
There is a Vietnamese-English bilingal Order of Mass.

Good luck.

The Diocese of Orange has a Vietnamese auxilary bishop, the Most Rev. Dominic M.Luong. His office can be contacted at Marywood Center, 2811 E. Villa Real Drive, Orange 92867 (714) 282-3000.
The chancery office can be quite helpful in matters such as yours.

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