View of Jesus Passion

I was saying the rosary yesterday and came to what I thought was a different reaction to the sorrowful mysteries. To me, it seemed to tell me to be strong in the face of sin and confess sin to God. Not to be weak and hide from sin. This isn’t to say the thought of the scourging at the pilar and crucifixion aren’t sorrowful. Just combined with the glory of the resurrection, the sorrowful mysteries seem to be a call to be strong in the face of sin, just as Jesus was during the passion. Not to be afraid and to seek Gods mercy with courage. Is this a bad view to have? Am I looking and meditating on the mysteries wrong?

I myself often reflect on the great courage shown by Our Lady and the disciples as they watched the horrors of the passion unfold about them, unable to stop it.
This has given me comfort in times where I thought I would die from frustration.
I think it’s a healthy way to view these things. Not the only way, but a valid one.
Peace to you. Keep the rosary as a lifelong devotion. ITt will be your strength and courage in this life that can be so hard sometimes.
It’s also a great prayer in joy as well. :thumbsup:

It’s not just the fact that Jesus was scourged and that it was painful but that He is God and is being scourged like a common criminal. He is taking that scourging so you don’t have to in a way.

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