View the Mass Online?

Perhaps this is the wrong place to post, but does anyone know where you can view the Mass live online? I’ve found two sites that feature this… one of them is in Fatima, and sadly I don’t speak Portugese. The other is in Spanish, which I don’t speak, either. So, is there any place to watch live english Mass online?

EWTN ( broadcasts Mass four times every day - one broadcast is live, then there are three repeats at different times of the day. So this would be the best option. Be warned, it contains a fair chunk of Latin. Another site is Haven’t seen theirs, so I don’t know what it’s like.

Is there a Form you prefer? I know you can watch EWTN Streaming and they broadcast the daily mass at 5AM,9AM and 9 PM (Those times are PST)

And you can find that

If your looking for a Tridentine Rite feed at this point in time I believe your out of luck, but Sanctamissa has a whole archive of video footage:D

Hope that helps

The Corporation of English Speaking Bishops of Canada feature Daily mass from St. Basil’s Church in Toronto from Monday to Sunday. It is only 20 min. long and completely in English. However they unfortunately do not cover Sunday, because they want people to actually go to church that day.


You can also find it on youtube, under the user “dailymass”

God Bless!


If you have an iTunes account, you can subscribe to their free download of their daily Mass. :slight_smile:

To see live Masses from a large suburban parish in New York State (EST) seven days a week go to From its homepage you can see the mass times on the left. Click on the moving link on the top middle of the page to get on-line. (The 4:30 PM Mass on Sundays uses the teen choir).

EWTN live broadcast is 8am Eastern, encore 12 noon Eastern, and 7pm Eastern then television then grids

anytime in the archives or at 930AM EST and 7PM EST every day and then on Sundays 7:30PM. After it broadcasts live in the morning, the Mass is added to the website archives

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