Viewing pictures of unreleased/rumored objects --> stealing?

This is probably a stupid question, but I’d still like an answer :slight_smile:

If a website or third party source gets unreleased photos of a product, is it stealing to see that picture?

I’m into technology, and a lot of blog posts contain rumors of upcoming products (which I’m fine with), but when a picture is shown (and not a mock up) I’m worried I’m stealing.


How would it be stealing? An image is not the product.

So it’s like you’ve taken the action to “temporarily download” the image using your web browser – and could this be similar, or equated to, let’s say, pirating or downloading a leaked music album?

I know it’s not the product, but if a company doesn’t want you to view their unreleased picture, are you stealing?

How would you give restitution?

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