Viewing Tribunal records

As I posted in another thread, I recently submitted my initial paperwork towards seeking a nullification. Today, a friend told me she had recieved an invitation from the Tribunal to come and visit and see all the things that the ex, and witnesses said in HER case.

Where does this fall in the process? Does this indicate that the Tribunal will review the case after that time period expires? I was not told that my ex would be able to see everything - and since it was a very emotionally and physically abusive marriage (my children and I ended up in a domestic violence shelter), I really thought no one would be able to see what the other person said. I’m afraid this will re-ignite his anger and desire to ruin my life…some people from his town wouldn’t be witnesses because of his intimidations…those who did decide to speak out should know that he will know what they write - I should tell them? or will the Tribunal?

I’m worried!:confused:

Maybe no one’s familiar with this?:confused:

Generally speaking, the respondent has the right to read any statements that will be used by the tribunal to determine the validity of the marriage. This is so the respondent can present additional evidence to address the points brought out in those statements.

In cases where this could result in violence against the petitioner or their children, the tribunal judge can allow that only the respondent’s advocate read the full statements, with the advocate summarizing the relevant points back to the respondent.

you need to make your fears and concerns know to the priest who has ititiated your process and to your tribunal advocate when you do the initiatial presentation, or immediately if you have not done so, specifically if there is a reason why you do not what ex to have any contact info.

I will call Father today…I just didn’t realize that this was part of it, and he didn’t mention it either…

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