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With Pope Francis coming out saying that we need to address global warming, I thought it would be useful to assess how Catholics view the issue alongside one of the other major controversial political issues (on which I’m sure most of us agree): abortion.


You needed one for “Abortion illegal and not sure about GW”.

Unlike the issue of abortion, GW remains confusing. Heqq, when abortion was made legal, folks still believed an ice age was coming.



Abortion should be illegal and global warming is a myth


I’ve not fallen for the global warming hoax when the temperature has raised less than one degree since 1978 and not at all since 1998. Global warming costs the US government 4.7 billion dollar a year which those who promote it are not going to give up. The global warming hoax is the result of the power of money.


Controversial has no meaning. Either one side is right and the other side is wrong has meaning.

That’s how problems get solved.

Abortion should be illegal. Global warming is a myth. A myth because the climate is still too complex to model with any real degree of accuracy and even those offering solutions admit that since they do not understand the way the climate actually works, they could trigger some bad things. Tinkering, it appears, is not an option. Pollution, on the other hand, is a real problem but there’s no money in scrubbing what comes out of smokestacks, or properly disposing of what gets poured into rivers or onto the ground, or cleaning up hazardous waste on land that could be useful again for crops or homes.

Pope Francis recognizes the need for us to be good stewards of the world God gave us.



Abortion should be illegal. The second part is overly broad and subjective…so I picked that it’s not a problem. :smiley:


Abortion should be illegal as it is one of the sins that cry out to heaven(willful murder) for justice.

Global warming is a controversial issue with interesting arguments on both sides.Some claim it is not just the earth that is being affected but the whole solar system.


I am frustrated the pope speaks of a subject he knows so little about with global warming


Abortion should be illegal in almost every single case at least. As Gloria Polo noted in her testimony: “abortion is a holocaust and a sacrifice to the devil, and it unleashes all kinds of demons from hell”.

Think about that the next time you hear “it’s a choice!”.

Man-made caused “climate change” is a largely a hoax designed to feed special interests from academic grants to government control (The UN and the American federal government will save us!) as well as personal selfishness from conservative/traditionalists who seek an issue or two to align with progressives on in order to look cool.


Abortion should be legal & Global warming is not a real problem

I would prefer to see abortion as something very rare, but safe. Making it illegal doesn’t make it go away. Plus, the courts have already decided it’s legal. Need more focus on making it rare.

We have many environmental problems, but CO2 isn’t one of them.


Abortion should be illegal except for emergency cases.

Many scientific organizations such as NASA have confirmed that global warming is real. I just read an article about an oceanographer’s trip to the Arctic and said that the ice was melting rapidly.

I’m glad that the pope is talking about global warming and has some qualifications in chemistry to understand the effects CO2 has on the ozone. Unlike many politicians who write books saying it’s a hoax without having a shred of qualifications to even discuss the subject on a scientific matter.


It would be nice if the biggest proponents of “global warming”, such as the Obamas, Clintons and Gores stopped jet-setting around the world telling the rest of us to curb our lifestyles and pay more taxes. What frauds! Why should anyone believe these hypocrites? Algore even bought a beach front property.
I wasn’t born yesterday. :rolleyes:


You might as well have a poll comparing abortion to belief in the Easter bunny. There’s no moral equivalence whatsoever between the killing of 1.5 million children per year in this country alone and belief that man is causing the Earth to warm.


, One would think for global warming to be a problem there would have to be some warming taking place.


There has been some warming, the arctic caps have started melting more quickly than they normally would.


Normal as compared to when? In fact this year we had record ice.


which begs the question, just who are the bishops listening to, anyway?


Heh, and I heard the ice was melting a little slower this year at the south pole. :shrug:


And even experts in climate science would tell you that they cannot tell with any reasonable degree of certainty, how the climate actually works. I suggest people read up on some of the supposed fixes. The scientists are reluctant to try even small-scale experiments. A crude comparison would be changing out a part in a car. If you don’t know how the entire systems works, the odds of catastrophic failure are high.

What is also being ignored is evidence of underground heating and volcanoes. Volcanic activity underwater near the Antarctic, magma closer to the surface in Greenland, and volcanic activity in Iceland being a few examples.

And pollution is not just about CO2.



Not everything proves AGW. In fact, the models predict the opposite. Ice at the poles should increase for next century due to increased perception

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