Views on the rosary and how to shut up opponents

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I go on these sights that claim to be loving followers of God. I believe we are all one under Jesus Christ so some times I wind and talk to people of Christian sects we get along have intelligent conversations about faith and the bible and they will find me quite knowledgable then like clock work someone starts an anti catholic thread I read it and get disgusted these same people I had such intelligent talks with are saying this. After trying to calm them down I eventually come out with it and tell them I am catholic then it’s like their whole world got shaken up. I hate this animosity between Christians and quite frankly I really don’t understand how a follower of Christ could be this way.

The rosary is probably the biggest hot button topic they turn to when bashing Catholics. I shamefully admit one of them got in my head a year ago when I was going through some very hard time and spiritually curious and they were able to put doubt in my head. However ironically my doubt would be the very determination to scour the scripture and soul search and eventually dismantle their argument. Here is the argument I use that stops them in their tracks every time.

The rosary is not so much a prayer to Mary as it is an exercise for us. Just like we should exercise our bodies every day it is important to exercise our faith too. We follow and are reminded the key points Gospel while practicing the rosary.
We start with the apostles creed which summarizes our faith
we move on to the the glory be that reminds us of the trinity
Then our father that reminds us of the kingdom of God
State and meditate on the life of Christ through the mysteries
And pray the Hail Mary while we meditate
And repeat till we get through all the mysteries of that group for that day.
Then just at when we work out we have a leg day an arms day cardio day etc the next day we shift our focus to a new set of mysteries and work out a new part of our soul.
The rosary is an organized exercise regimen like one a personal trainer would give us.

It is easy for us to forget about God in the daily grind the rosary is our metaphorical morning cup of coffee that wakes up our soul and prepares for the day with our faith in mind.

A few of their recycled arguments are; playing with beads and thinking they have holy power is blasphemy, the rosary is empty Mantra, and the 15 promises are blasphemes.

My responses are
The rosary is nothing but; 1 a visual reminder of god and 2 just a tool our spirit runs around the rosary the same way a marathon runner runs on a treadmill. We use it to keep track of where we are in our prayer exercise and can focus 100% on prayer.

This is not the empty mantra the speak of in the bible it is focused prayer on God the gospel and the life of Jesus Christ.

The 15 promises are self fulfilling because our soul becomes stronger as we exercise it. They are self fulfilling in the same way the rule if you work out everyday and eat right you wil be healthier is self fulfilling. A good diet and exercise is armor against obesity and sickness the same way the rosary is armor against the devil.

I will say just as you can injure yourself if you work out wrong the rosary will not help or won’t help as much and can hurt your spirit if you use it wrong. Many people will pray it just going through the motions and speak words that are relatively empty and some still that weather consciously or subconsciously think there is holy power in it because they pray and good things happen but the reality is good things are happening to you because you are exercising your soul and pleasing God. This is why I am against group prayer of the rosary you feel inclined to keep up with the group and don’t get your full meditation done and those going full speed probably aren’t taking the needed time to contemplate the mysteries anyway. I know I am alway a decade or two behind anyone I pray the rosary with

Any way that seems to shut more people up than anything what are your opinions?

The explanation is fine, but the attitude behind it is wrong. Our goal isn’t to shut people up, but to get them thinking and invite them to open dialog. (But I have been in the Catholic-bashing arena as well, so I can empathize with the desire to shut a person up.)

My usual response to the Rosary is that it’s a great way to meditate on God’s Word and ask His Blessed Mother to pray for us and to guide us closer to her Son. :slight_smile:

They have to close their mouth before the can open their mind.

There are many threads on CAF in defense of the Rosary, so I won’t reiterate what others have already stated. :slight_smile: Instead I am answering your complaint (for lack of a better word) about public recitation of the Rosary.

First of all, since it is a private devotion no one must enter into public recitation of the Rosary. So, if doing so means nothing to you, then you are free to not join in. I write this without the least hint of sarcasm, but simply stating a truth. :slight_smile:

Secondly, I think you have the wrong idea about what a public recitation is meant to do. It is not meant to be a meditative recitation, but one in which everyone joins in praying it together. So, if you do join in with others, simply keep up with everyone else and save your personal meditations for private prayer. You wouldn’t expect the Mass to be put on hold while you personally meditate on every word, so why expect it when publicly praying the Rosary? :wink:

Thirdly, many people get a great deal from publicly praying the Rosary with others. Remember that whatever any one person lacks in attention in public prayer is made up by others praying along with them. All of us are human, which means no matter our best intentions, our minds can wander and we can be insensible to any spiritual connection due to many factors, none of them sinful. If you pray with others take on the task of paying full attention so that some weaker brother might get grace from it even if you don’t seem to be getting any yourself.

God wishes that we pray together so that we don’t become lost in our own world and isolated from others. Catholicism isn’t merely “Jesus and me” it’s all of us together forming the Body of Christ. So we put aside our own desires and even needs at times to join with our brethren in worship and prayer. This should help us love our brethren and broaden our understanding because what others experince in prayer can be an epiphany for us and keep us from navel gazing.

No. They really don’t…in fact “they” don’t even have to open “their” minds.

What they need to open is their hearts.

But, you can’t do that, they can’t do that, only the Holy Spirit can do that.

The Rosary is the most powerful weapon in our prayer arsenal.

Use it!

Make your prayer intentions for the Holy Spirit to touch these people with His gifts, and to open their hearts to the truth.

Prayer works. The Rosary, because of its power of intercession by the Mother of God, REALLY REALLY works.

If you don’t believe your prayer intentions petitioned to the Blessed Virgin to be carried for you to her son, than those people you are upset with that say the Rosary is a meaningless prayer are correct and you are wrong.

But you know you are correct, because you know and believe the power of the Rosary.

Pray the Rosary for them!

Peace and all good!


Also, you might want to point out that the Mysteries of the Rosary are the events of the life of Christ in chronological order.
When we pray the rosary, we meditate on the life of Christ. No one can argue with that. Peace.

The OP might be confusing rosary beads with “The Rosary.”

The Rosary is prayer. Rosary beads are not prayer.

Praying The Rosary can be done without rosary beads, but The Rosary is prayer, just the same as the Our Father is prayer, Lectio Divina is prayer and Liturgy of the Hours is prayer. The Rosary is not exercise or a tool. The Rosary is not faith formation.

The Rosary is prayer, plain and simple. It is not something we “get through” but intimate communication with our Beloved.


Wow, great analogy for the Rosary :slight_smile:

(Altho I agree that “shutting them up” is not a good attitude to go in with. I just stop discussing if I donmt think people are being sincere about learning.)

I have not confused it I am just addressing an argument consistently used against Catholics by non Catholics and how to combat criticism on the prayer and the beads.

The hardest way to ‘win’ a soul is to participate in an argument. :slight_smile:

When I give people a Rosary, I tell them that it’s a meditation on the life of Christ. I offer them a booklet on the prayers and mysteries.

We can assist people best by listening and with love.

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