Vigano message to President Trump

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Every cell in my body rejects the claims in this video. I fully support Pope Francis and his vision of global solidarity. Nothing much else to say.


Even the truth in it?

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There isn’t anything rational or truthful in the letter. He doesn’t even refer to the Pope as Pope. . . . It’s so strange that my impulse is sheer incredulity. I can’t wrap my head around it.


Do you deny this is happening

Daily we sense the attacks multiplying of those who want to destroy the very basis of society: the natural family, respect for human life, love of country, freedom of education and business


I understand rejecting the claims about Pope Francis, those are disturbing, but there is a lot of truth in this video in regards to globalism, one world order and the Great Reset. The Catholic church does not support a one world order or world socialism.

It is not unusual to call the pope by his name rather than pope, though, I agree I prefer such as; His Holiness or the like.

There is some truth in the letter.

The Great Reset:

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@DeaconJeff Hmm? Sound argument?

Deep state, fear of the UN, conspiracies. It’s sad to see that a man who obviously had some chops and intellectual rigor, get pulled into the realm of the insane.

Isn’t the World Economic Forum part of the UN? The same UN that the Vatican is a part of?

I wonder if these letters from the Archbishop are required by the people who are “protecting” him from the Vatican assassins trying to kill him. He certainly seems to give a lot of power to ultra-right wing American politicians. Perhaps even making idols of them.


No. But for some reason I get the sense that there are those who currently reign in the Church hierarchy that do! But maybe it’s just me.


Apparently Time Magazine think he is on to something.


If respect for human life and love of country include behavior such as storming the State Capital of Michigan with weapons and planning to kidnap governors (and perhaps even worse), then I want no part of it. Remember the immortal words of Samuel Johnson: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” And so are overzealous religious values.


From what I have read, Time Magazine is in love with this “Great Reset” story and has been pushing it for several years.
I remain constantly amazed that Time Magazine is even still in business. Must still be a lot of doctors subscribing to provide reading matter for the 70-year-olds in their waiting rooms.

Unfortunately, this latest claptrap on this, involving Bill Gates, special marks, anti-vaxx and detention camps, has infiltrated some of my Catholic groups. Tinfoil hats and prayer shawls anyone?


Tis, don’t group prayer shawls with the tinfoil hats please. The former is a solid ministry which does good for so many; the latter is just fringe cray-cray.

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Ever hear of the American Revolution?

I meant “tinfoil prayer shawls” to go with the tinfoil hat. I have a prayer shawl myself from the prayer shawl ministry, and have donated yarn to them; it’s a fine ministry.

My point is I am in a prayer group to pray, not to listen to crazy people worry about Bill Gates putting them in a detention camp if they don’t get a COVID vaccine for whatever reason they’re against vaccines. When you have actual clergy pushing this stuff it makes me wonder, where are their bishops and superiors.

Flagged for violating rule 1: Divisive and incendiary language used against clergy (callin Abp Vigano, a bishop in good standing) a sedevecantist.

And rule 4: inciting animosity towards clergy by calling him a sede.

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Never heard of it. Did you ever hear of the Civil War? Want to repeat that one?

Interesting that you never heard of the American Revolution, you know, where armed citizens revolted against a tyranny.

As for the civil war, if it would end abortion and secular abuses I would not be opposed.
God has used wars to enact justice.

Re the American Revolution, a little levity, my friend.

And in this post, you’ve told me all I need to know about your views regarding war and insurrection.

We’re getting quite a bit of this armchair revolutionary stuff lately, I suspect they might be rather uncomfortable with the reality when the smell of burning houses and bodies became a grim reality rather than something to do edgy posts about on the internet.

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