Vigil mass satisfy holy day obligation?

OK, so I know a Sat vigil mass satisfies the Sunday obligation. Does a mass on the evening prior to a holy day likewise satisfy that obligation? In particular, would attending a mass on Christmas Eve satisfy the requirement to attend mass on Christmas Day?

BTW, I realize that attending only one mass when Sundays and holy days are consecutive to one another would not satisfy both obligations. For example, one cannot attend a Sat eve vigil mass to satisfy both (a) a Saturday holy day of obligation, and (b) the Sunday obligation. I’m asking strictly about whether a vigil mass the night before a holy day can be used to satisfy just the requirement to attend mass on the holy day of obligation.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, of course. That is the whole point of a vigil mass the night before a holy day.

Thanks - I wasn’t sure if there were vigil masses specifically offered on the eve of holy days to fulfill the obligation. A lot of parishes locally have masses all throught the week (many in the evening) even when there is no holy day of obligation.

In any case, thanks for the info!

Thank you for making that clear. My church is having a Vigil Mass the night before the Holy Day of Obligation, New Years Eve and New Years Day. My thought was that a Vigil Mass was a Mass of prayer only.

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