Viking 'ring fortress' discovered in Denmark


Archaeologists in Denmark have discovered a distinctive ring-shaped Viking fortress which historians believe may have been used to launch an invasion of England.

The fortress found on the Danish island of Zealand, around 30 miles south of Copenhagen, is the fifth circular fortress to be unearthed, and the first in over 60 years.


A Viking fortress in Denmark? Isn’t that kinda like finding a barbecue place in Birmingham (Alabama)?


The article does say they have only uncovered 5.

I’m pretty sure that there are more then 5 BBQ locations within a mile of my house.


Now if they had discovered that in New Jersey it might be news. But in Denmark…?


Yes, but how many of them will be known in the year 3014? :o

The process of discovering the newly found fortress was pretty interesting. First, it began as a hunch that a fortress should have been built in the area:

We suspected that one fortress was ‘missing’ on the island of Zealand. The location at Vallø was quite the right setting in the landscape: in a place where the old main roads met and reached out to Køge river valley, which in the Viking Age was a navigable fjord and one of Zealand’s best natural harbours. From there we worked our way forward step by step. ”

By measuring small variation in the earth’s magnetism we can identify certain archaeological features without destroying anything. In this way we achieved an amazingly detailed ‘ghost image’ of the fortress in a few days. From this survey we knew exactly where we had to put in excavation trenches to get as much information as possible about the mysterious fortress. ”

So far, little has been excavated and radiocarbon dating has not be completed. There is much to be learned about the role and significance of this fortress, which may shed light on the political situation which existed at the time.


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