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Does anyone out there go to Villanova or have children that do? We just went to visit, and I was quite impressed with some significant exceptions.

The priest on a panel discussion was very New Agey and a devotee of Yoga, even offering a Lent yoga program. He thanked everybody for bringing their “energy” to campas. During Mass this same priest omitted the “mingling of the water and wine” and consecrated just wine as far as I could tell, used glass chalices, began the Mass at the back of the church, and insisted everyone stand during the consecration, and not use the kneelers (I disobeyed as he has not the authority to command us to do something in direct contradiction to the GIRM).

If anyone can shed any light on this college or Catholic U. Providence College, or Assumption College in Worcester please let me know.


We lived a mile down the road from Villanova and saw so many liturgical abuses there that I told my nieces and nephews that they will not receive any support from us should they choose Villanova. It was down right sad. Such a beautiful Church and my husband actually asked me after Mass if it was Catholic.


That is too bad. I’d love to see our Church be able to reclaim our “Catholic” institutions.


I am surprised to hear that about Villanova, we don’t live in Philadelphia so I’ve never been to church there. But one of the priests who is a Theology professor at Villanova says Sunday mass about 2x a month and he always gives very awesome sermons. he’s extremely orthodox as well.


**Wednesday, March 28, 2007 **– Villanova University president, The Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A., announced today that journalist and author Chris Matthews will be the 2007 Villanova University Commencement speaker. Matthews will also receive an honorary degree, a Doctorate of Humane Letters. Commencement takes place on Sunday, May 20 at 10 a.m. in the Villanova University Stadium.


My daughter is a freshman at Providence College (RI) and we’re very happy overall. Every Mass we have attended has been very reverent and IMO orthodox.I am a former protestant so I pay attention! Fr.Shanley, the pres. has been staunch in his prohibition of that pestilence of a play, Vagina Monologues.That spoke volumes to us as parents.I think P.C. is about as authentically Catholic as you can find in the northeast. It’s not as well known as Villanova (which we considered, but had to look really hard to find evidence of its’ Catholicity ). Academically, it’s almost on a par with Villanova.It’s western civ classes are excellent- my kid is working her butt off in the honors civ class.Oh- and she loves the 11pm "last chance " mass on sunday. Check out the Cardinal Newman Society for more college info.Good luck!


Sad commentary… I grew up very near Villanova and I never knew it was Catholic…

Be just as wary of Immaculata… the nuns there are extremely liberal for the most part.


Villanova is NOT a Catholic college – far from it. It is an extremely radical place. Students who in any way express there Catholic faith are told to keep quiet, or else they are told that they are “intolerant.” Daily mass is positively scary – many abuses, including changing of words during consecration. They have several active GLBT groups – in fact, check the website for their campus ministry office – there are protestant groups, and GLBT groups, but pretty much nothing is offerred for Catholic students. The place is abominable, lax, and positively secular. Sorry to be so negative:( Just giving a warning.


From my view here in New England…
Providence College: run by Dominicans. A bit of a party school but overall well run with an orthodox theology dept.
**Boston College: **Very liberal- barely Catholic anymore
**Holy Cross: **same thing. the bishop threatened to cut ties because they hosted a confrence by planned parenthood.
Salve Regina: a haven for liberal femminists- inclusive language masses- liturgical abuses

In short you will not find a Stubenville up here…


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