Vincentian Vocations


Is there anyone on this forum who is a part of the Congregation of the Mission (CM)? Has anyone looked into this religious community? What was your opinion, discerment, concerns, joys, et cetera? Thank you in advance for your input.


Well, I can’t help, but I would like to add that “Vincentian Vocations” rolls off the tongue quite nicely. Like “She sells sea shells by the sea shore.” Or “Rubber baby buggy bumpers.” :slight_smile:


I went to a Vincentian university and have studied with Vincentian priests. Vincentian seminarians also lived at the parish I used to work for. They have a great dedication to the poor, especially in mission countries, and to education. I have nothing bad to say about them.


Thank you all for your responses.


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I’ve been sorta looking into the Congregation. I happen to go to one of the Universities run by the Eastern Providence and am lucky enough to be able to talk to them directly about such a question.

Opinion: Should the priesthood be my calling, I’d definitely go with them. They really are an interestingly consistent group (compared to some I’ve seen) and I think they really know their stuff. Reading the book one of them gave me, they seem to entertain a “do, then think” mentality. I was told that, while they serve others (as most others do), they talk about it afterward, which seems to sit well with those who have dealt with them and helps them serve others better.

Discernment: I’m workin on that part. I’ve set up to meet with one of them and explore the discernment process slowly. I know they have discernment houses scattered, but I highly recommend talking to one of them if possible. I have yet to find one who hasn’t been approachable. They’re very much into the Miraculous Medal Novena, so perhaps saying and meditating on that might be helpful?

Concerns: *note: these are my current personal concerns which I have yet to ask them about…
Reading the aforementioned book, St. Vincent seems to talk a bit about self-mortification. Not physically (such as Opus Dei can sometimes be), and not quite as much as Carmalites, but to be absorbed in the Mission (evangelization through the poor) by dulling the senses is to help one fulfill the Mission, which also ties into the talk on simplicity. But then, all of the Vincentians I know (and talk to on quite a regular basis) aren’t mindless zombies either (quite the opposite), so I suppose my ignorance is showing a bit in that respect.

Joys: Ah, the simple life. Job security, possibility of wearing quite a few different hats during your lifetime, travel, serving the poor of course (as that’s kinda why one would be attracted to the Vincentians in the first place I suppose), knowing that you are a part of a relatively solid group, (as one of them had told me) not as lonely as the diocesan priesthood if you’re more sociable…


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