Vinyl is Coming Back!


This is exciting! :thumbsup:

Jack White launches vinyl record pressing plant in Detroit as vinyl revival spurs demand


I’ve been purchasing vinyl LP’s for years. It’s somewhat of ‘nitch comeback’ but as long as LP’s are produced there will remain a small but faithful listening audience. A few years ago the WSJ wrote about this topic.

If vinyl attracted the Japanese market it would be huge again. Yet the Japanese listeners prefer CD’s, and they are the worlds largest market for them.


Thanks, I didn’t know that.


I still have all my collection of old vinyl records/albums. Both 45, 78 & 33 1/3. All in mint condition with their sleeves & jackets. Still have an old working turntable as well.


Vinyl is already back – it never went away.

In fact, the next international Record Store Day is upcoming in March.


I agree. My grown kids sometimes argue over who owns which vintage vinyl. Answer: Still mine.


I love listening to vinyl. Prefer it to CD. I keep joking with my sis when we go somewhere “(sniffing) I smell vinyl. Where is it? (Sniffing) Oh. There it is”.

Of course, I also prefer listening to it thru vacuum tube amps, so I’m kinda way out there.



I do love analog and tubes as well. Though, like many I do convert vinyl tracks to digital format (needle dropping to flac format best results) for hard drive or portable USB. But even with computer playback you can get a tube headphone preamp (some reasonably priced ones avail) with a quality headphone and still get that analog warmth.


So have I, but I need to buy a new turntable and, fortunately, they too still exist! I always preferred the sound of vinyl to that of CD’s, and 78’s are even better IMO.


That will add some warmth. Similarly, I do transfer some of my LPs to thumb drive for portability. Need to have that tube phonograph preamp though. Grin.

All my electronics are home designed and built. Of course, electronics is my firld, which helps.



78s have their own charm, for sure. Unfortunately my collection of 78s disappeared in one of my moves. Sigh.

G-d Bless,


Streaming music sounds so good these days that I put may TT in the shed. :slight_smile:


It certainly has its place, pandora or youtube is good enough for general background music. Yet it’s a bit too compressed for me when I am in the mood for critical listening. But on the treadmill a 320k mp3 will do! :slight_smile:



OMG - I am so happy to see this - in my lifetime too! I have a huge vinyl collection from my childhood/adolescence - and my dad’s collection. I still play our original Let It Be. Some scratches and it is so old - but you know what? Still sounds better than the Internet, better than a CD. It is amazing what cr*p people accept as music on these new phones, Internet, etc. Garbage. To me that is really a statement - selling your soul, and what of those too young to know the difference? I am glad humanity is pushing back on this one. Long may it continue into the future. Technology is for people, not the other way around.


Yes, what of the younger generation who are “too young to know the difference”? As in most things dealing with the arts, what is missing today is not the technology, but the craftsmanship.


Ah yes, there is that problem too. There was a period in my life when rock’n’roll was more or less my religion. I agree it is full of sin, sex, drugs, hedonism, nihilism, got it. But there is something about the power of music - when it is well done. And I allow that there is good rock, pop music - though I am pretty traditional in my tastes, working back in time, even when I was younger. Blues, jazz, soul - rock has great roots. Muddy Waters, etc. Right up to the Clash (slight drop there maybe :)) Music helps kids form identity, independence, experience joy, freedom, hope. There is good among the bad. I actually think it kind of kept me going in hard times. So what of today? My God - what do these kids have? Where are the good artists who know their history, their craft. To borrow from Nietzsche: death of God…then death of man. I take the almost disappearance of great (even pop, rock) musicians very hard - a bad bad sign. Sad for kids. What emptiness. Just the phone I guess. Texting. :cool: Selfies.


Buy a new turntable. Phonograph technology has advanced quite a bit since the advent of digital audio. Your records will sound amazing on a new turntable and if you can a vacuum tube amp.


Youtube yes, but Spotify coming through my Vintage Advent speakers and Marantz receiver sounds just as warm as my Technics SL-1200, but the big difference for me is how much smoother and clearer the sounds is compared to Vinyl.


Haa !Our two oldest daughters’ are now in possession of our vinyl collection and there was a bit of arguing between them re who would get what!:notes::notes::slight_smile:


That’s because Japan, for all their advanced reputation, is a technological black hole. When I used to travel to Malaysia it always shocked me how much better the internet was in Penang or Singapore and how hard it was to find wireless in Tokyo.

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