Vinyl vs Vintage Concrete Garden Grottos

I have a friend who is buying a statue for her front yard. As a gift, I want to get her the garden grotto shell to protect/display it. I’ve looked online and have seen both Vinyl shells and I’ve seen people selling vintage concrete ones decades old.

Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of each? I don’t really know which I should get as the gift. The both seem to range around $150 as a medium so price falls out of the equation.

I prefer concrete, simply as aesthetic preference. Have come across the plastic/vinyl that are light and can be easily moved around. Take that into account, if one can easily move it, someone making mischief could easily remove it from her yard.


I agree with @TheLittleLady! There is just something texture wise about the concrete that is better. Vinyl looks like vinyl most of the time.

Would you know how much the concrete ones weigh on average? As it’s my gift, I also know I’m going to be the one lugging it into her yard.

The sellers will give you the weight of the statue. It really varies depending on many factors, size, makeup of the materials, etc. In this part of the country, many sellers deliver.

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