Violence against Illegal Aliens by... Cesar Chavez & the UFW Union?

Much political hay has been made just a few years ago concerning the "racist and bigoted" Minutemen who wanted to do the job the Federal government failed to do. As of late in regards to the "racist and bigoted" Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and SB-1070 who want to do the job the Federal government fails to do. .

But one inconvenient fact that the pro-illegal alien mob leaves out, is that neither the Minutemen nor Jan Brewer ever beat anyone to a bloody mess. Can the same be said of César Chávez and the United Farm Workers union?

Ruben Navarrette, Jr. of the San Diego Union Tribune wrote (in part) March 30, 2005;

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Oh My …
I just read "aliens"
and then my eyes played tricks on me
and I saw "UFO"
for a moment
instead of “UFW.” :o

So anyways if aliens are illegal,
what exactly is racist and bigoted
against taking legal action
to secure America’s borders?

Where’s the logic in all this?

Yeah... suffice it to say I find the rhyme and reason of the pro-illegals crowd to be hypocritical.

And that's the NICEST way I can say it!

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