Violence against women


A 16-year-old girl in Rio de Janeiro was drugged and raped by about 30 men, who then posted a video of the attack to social media, in a crime that has shocked Brazil.

The response to the victim’s complaint has also provoked outrage.

The initial police reaction has been labelled insensitive. There have also been comments, including death threats on social media, blaming the girl herself for the attack.

Brazil’s Congress last year passed new laws to increase sentences for violence against women. But rights groups say at least 500,000 sexual assaults take place in Brazil every year.

Question :
How does something as the above happen in a mostly Christian nation?

Why are there so many sexual assaults taking place in a mostly Christian nation?


These things happen in mostly non-Christian nations as well. It is part of the human condition.


Yes I know this, yet it is a Christian nation, I’ll assume people are taught Christain values, no one is perfect in a Christian upbringing, but this is…I can’t find the words…


Why do so many Christian nations abort their children in the womb?

Why did Cain kill Abel?

The devil can get a hold of anyone.



When you start threads in World News make sure the subject of your thread is the same as the title of the article you are linking to.


Ok the devil made the do it, and every other evil act…questioned answered…




At its root, yes. If you want to prolong the discussion about what societies have done to enable this sort of thing, I’d suggest editing your title to “Brazil teenage girl raped by 30 men speaks out” before it gets closed.

Then folks can continue.


Don’t think that I can?


A mod could if they want the topic to stay open. Perhaps send a request.


Moderators have been instructed not to modify posts; so our options are to leave a note on a thread as I have or remove it. If you wish more info, send me a PM. Time to get back to discussing the news.


The devil can get a hold of anyone.

People can be crazy out here and you have to be careful…


Well in post #5 I was reminded of the correct way to title a thread in world news.
The moderator can edit the title if they so wish, or indeed close the thread.



Yes, there are many crazy incidents all over the world. What I was focusing on, was a group of up to 30 men, raping one teenage girl, in a country that considers itself Christian. I just wonder about the men involved, and where their conscience disappeared to during the incident. One has time to view what is happening, yet they “took a turn”…


The article states;

“Brazil’s Congress last year passed new laws to increase sentences for violence against women.”

That seems like the “mostly Christian” voters of Brazil are acting against these types of anti-social, criminal, SINFUL people.


Peer pressure off the top of my head. Evil loves company and company makes evil more palatable I suppose, thats where the saying arrives “misery loves company” and possibly came from. But, we are in a period where this could happen at your corner store, and in a NY minute.

What is the special significance of their christian roots compared to here for example? Where conscience disappeared in a moment, there’s a thought? One could write many books on that thought. :slight_smile:


I hope not! I can’t say for sure that it would never happen, but currently where I live I could not imagine 30 men raping one young girl at the corner store.
Can’t say I’ve ever read of something like this happening in the UK, USA or Europe, I have read similar accounts from certain countries.

I just assumed that Christian nations have certain values, that the treatment of women would be on the same ‘level’ as other Christian nations.

Exploring what happens to the conscience is interesting, they may feel guilt now, pressured at the time to act, maybe even forced?
But what does it say about how people are being instructed to treat each other? I mean 30 men, one child and none stopped it.


“Atheism’s Unstoppable Growth In Latin America”

There you go simpleas!

I didn’t want to go there, but since you persist in making this notional link between a
“Christian nation” and a horrible crime.


I loved this video: The Brazilian MMA girl overpowered and choked (slightly) the robber. :thumbsup:


I just assumed that Christian nations have certain values, that the treatment of women would be on the same ‘level’ as other Christian nations.

How do you define a christian nation for a comparison in 2016?

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