Violent Clash in Istanbul at Newspaper Offices [VOA]


Violent Clash in Istanbul at Newspaper Offices

Turkish police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at** hundreds of protesters trying to resist a takeover of the country’s biggest newspaper**, seized by authorities in a crackdown on opposition media linked to a religious group whose leader lives in exile in the United States.

Police confronted around 500 protesters Saturday outside the Istanbul offices of Zaman, Turkey’s largest-circulation daily.

Demonstrators chanted “free media cannot be silenced” as police closed in, spraying tear gas and firing rubber bullets at the demonstrators, many of whom were women.

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I’ve seen pictures of bloodied protesters and at the above webpage is a picture of a water cannon being used. This is all curious and just a government seizing a newspaper I know is alarming to most of us. Picture the US government seizing control of the NY Times for example.


Turkey is a NATO country fighting against the Kurds who are US allies.


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