Violent crime plummets in Oakland





Must be the medical marijuana!

When I was younger, I was always amazed at all the violent fights at bars, but peace and calm where people were indulging in pot!

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I’m pretty positive the article was citing efficient police action as the cause. Police heading off retaliation shootings, etc.


What is your point? Do you mean people don’t need for medical needs but are taking it in Oakland and it is calming people down? There are multiple cities in California where violent crime is increasing.

The thing is with marijuana, some people may take the idea that it makes calm to mean sedate and congenial perhaps, but that may not be the effect on everybody. More research needs to be done on marijuana in general, but there are studies that relate its use to risk-taking behaviour. There may be different theories why that can be, but it may make some people calm in a way that dulls something in their brain perhaps, which may make them more likely to indulge in risk-taking behaviour because they may not be fully alert.

Studies I cite:


IDK whether I believe this or not, I may be wrong, but isnt Oakland in the heart of South Central Los Angeles? Which is 100% gang territory…I doubt crime would ever go down in this area.

Ive heard there are some streets completely run and controlled by either black or latino gangs, and if someone who is not supposed to be there, goes down the street either by accident or on purpose, they will literally open fire and kill them!

Furthermore, I dont think marijuana is an issue, here, probably crack and cocaine mostly.


Oakland is a large city (poulation 400,000), directly across the water from San Francisco. The article mentions how the police in Oakland have improved their response to gang violence, particularly shootings.

The article also notes that Oakland’s level of violence fluctuates from year to year, with increases following decreases. One expert is quoted as saying that only after 5 years of decrease can we say a trend exists.


No but has similar demographics to South Central LA at the height of our violence. However today the murder rates here are as low as they have been since the Dragnet days of the 1950s as a combination of three strikes laws and the Freakenomics argument of the baby bust have left the Crips and Bloods unable to revenge attacks. As seen in the movie End Of Watch when after a party is shot up an O.G shot caller councils the young men that if they fight back then they face extinction because of population trends


It sounds like good news, but I must wonder, is it because crime is being effectively prevented, or is it because the old bad areas of Oakland are being bought up by the wealthy and the criminals are being priced out of Oakland? I lived in the Bay Area for many years, I have family still there, and the police and fire departments did get much better at times, but the prices in the SF Bay Area are so high now that I have to wonder if the bad guys are just relocating further away.


Having gone to Raisers games I totally agree. The people smoking pot in the smoking area www ignored. The police had their hands full with the drunks.


I tend to agree with you. I lived for years in SF, Walnut Creek, Antioch, & Pleasanton. When prices get too high, people start buying further out (Tracy is now part of the Bay Area) or they buy on the edges of the good/bad neighborhoods. Eventually, the bad neighborhoods are smaller and smaller.


Dont gang bangers typically smoke weed? :shrug:


Why could that be?

The A’s are good this year?

No one carries cash anymore?

The worst criminals are working better neighborhoods?

Jerry Brown is not mayor anymore?

Creative accounting in the reports department of the Oakland Police?

Crimes committed in homes are reckoned to be “domestic misunderstandings”

Those involving non-citizens “don’t count”.

Depends upon what “in Oakland” means. Dead people and fugitives are no longer “in Oakland”

“Violence” is an ugly word and a value judgement on the part of the establishment to marginalize those who choose to live a legally non-traditional “lifestyle”.*** (And should never be used to characterize behaviors we don’t understand). ***

What is considered assault in some communities might very well be Bay Area folk
in the S&M and bondage community - just trying to live their lives privately. :rolleyes:

Since the gun stores moved elsewhere due to robberies … so did their clients … and those who used to rob them?

:shrug::hmmm: I’m going with … the A’s. :smiley: Or the non-reporting. :whistle:


That’s a good question. They are much more stereotypical of alcoholics.

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And cocaine, alcohol, hydro-codone, or whatever else is available.


This is getting silly fast.

Weed has never been in short supply in Oakland. At least, not in the past 30+ years.

The reason Oakland is changing so much, which I’m surprised isn’t mentioned, is rapid gentrification. Home prices and rents are skyrocketing. Low income areas are now middle class. Middle class neighborhoods are now freakishly expensive. There’s just not as much violent crime when all your neighbors are busy working late hours at Twitter or Google.


So then its true not all weed smokers are peaceful :eek:

And usually where there is weed, theres a drug dealer with his cronies nearby to sell it. And most weed that is sold on the streets is laced with harder substances, even if people think they’re only smoking weed.


Do you have any evidence to back yourself up?

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Here in California, it’s much easier to just go to a dispensary. I would guess that the loss of business for the pot dealers has at least a little to do with the drop in crime rates.


That is not true…Think about it, why would dealers be putting in more drugs when they are generally concerned with their profit and loss?

This makes no sense, NO drug dealer would include cocaine with someone buying pot, they would be loosing money left and right if they did anything like that!

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