Violent protests after St. Louis County police officer kills man who pulled gun, authorities say


Violent protests broke out Tuesday night after a suburban St. Louis police officer shot and killed a man who pointed a gun at him at a gas station, police

                                Makes you wonder where it's going to happen next, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Phoenix, etc.


I’ve also read, this is the kind of typical altercation that leads to a suspect being killed. The suspect pointed a loaded gun at the officer and the officer shot back. Seems to be what this story is about. Treat an officer of the law like that, this is going to happen. Protests broke out but probably should not have, what happened seems clear.


They were rioting at the scene of the incident -getting in the way of the investigation… The police should have arrested every single one of them for interfering in an investigation.


At least from the reports, the officer seems fortunate if the suspect was already pointing a gun at him, pistol and the officer managed to draw and shoot him. I don’t doubt it occurred that way. We will see, maybe it is on CCTV.


Your thread title isn’t quite correct. It wasn’t a county police officer. It was actually an officer from the city of Berkley.


According to the news reports, a second person who was with the killed suspect said that it did not happen that way. He was there on the ground, and he was a witness. Also, the police released the video before the shooting occurred, but cut out the part where the shooting occurred, so you cannot see what actually happened.


And yet the video shows the man point a gun at a police officer. And of course they would cut the video before the man got shot and died. The towns black mayor has seen the video and says this case is nothing like the previous police involved shootings.


Oh. So the second person is a liar then. Trying to frame an officer of the law on murder. :cool: sounds like the words of an accomplice in the attempted murder of a police officer to me. :cool:


Dear friends, the esteemed Daily Mail (ahem…) has thorough pictorials that include the “Hi-Line” automatic the gentleman was brandishing with the safety clearly on, as noted by one commentator, a “safety first” gun handler.

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Again the police officer was in the wrong, he should have at the very least taken a couple of bullets before he shot back. Unfortunately the protesters would still not be happy…they would say he should have waited until he was dead before firing back.


There was an old line: “*Which are you going to believe the witness, or your lying eyes?”


Personally, I thought that the person with the killed suspect was being hunted as well as of yesterday, that person ran off from what I knew.

Also, let’s not forget Michael Brown’s companion, Dorian Johnson was basically shown to be telling falsehoods, Dorian seemingly said Brown was shot in the back, easily proven wrong with the autopsies.


And he is the one that is being quoted by the protest groups.


It appears one of the demonstrators who regularly advocated peaceful protest, is being charged with arson and looting


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