Virgen Mary- powerful prayer

Oracion ala Virgen Maria -muy Poderosa ,tres Dias, publicar, cuarto dia Te sorprenderas

Afligida se vio la virgen a los pies de la cruz, afligida me veo yo, válgame Dios.
Confío en Dios con todas mis fuerzas por eso te pido que ilumines mi
camino y me concedas la petición que aquí te pido (haces tu petición).
Confío en Dios con todas mis fuerzas, por eso a él le pido que ilumine mi camino y que me cumpla la petición que aquí pido (haces tu petición de nuevo)

En el nombre del Padre, del Hijo y del Espiritu Santo.


Así sea, así es y así será por siempre.

Rezar 3 aveces Marías. Divulgar al 3er día.

Gracias Virgen Bendita por escuchar mis suplicas, Gracias Virgensita por concederme milagro, como Madre que sufristes y entiendes mi dolor.

Gracias infinitas

I think the posts are supposed to be in English

I would need translation.

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
If the post is in Spanish
The title should be too

To copy something.

Paraphrase, maybe?

I translated it in google, …

Prayer to the Virgin Mary -very powerful, three days, publish, fourth day You will be surprised

The virgin was afflicted at the foot of the cross, I see myself afflicted, God help me.
I trust in God with all my strength so I ask you to enlighten me
way and grant me the request that I request here (you make your request).
I trust in God with all my strength, that is why I ask him to enlighten my path and fulfill my request here (you make your request again)

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


So be it, it is and it will be forever.

Pray 3 times Marias. Disclose to the 3rd day.

Thank you Blessed Virgin for listening to my supplications, Thank you Virgensita for granting me a miracle, as a Mother who suffers and understands my pain.

Infinite thanks

I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, my French Professor told me numerous times not to trust Google Translate

So then again, this is Spanish so maybe it’s different for some reason.

I use Google Translate all the time for work. It’s about 90 percent accurate, and the language used in prayers is simple. I know enough basic church Spanish to see that the translation is pretty much what the prayer says.

Your French professor did not want you relying on Google Translate to do your homework. Also, sometimes it does make a grammar error or use the wrong word, and teachers of a language are sticklers for that sort of thing.

Really, so this is why it told me in a guacamole recipe to chop off lawyers fingers? I have it saved on my computer.

We’re told to pray this prayer for 3 days, publish it on the 3rd day and on the 4th day something surprising will happen. It seems to me it’s like one of those chain letter prayers without the “curse” if you don’t follow through.


It might make the guac better at that

Yeah, I don’t like that. That’s like the ignore if you love Satan

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I don’t like this prayer. And the idea of copying past on the internet to get things done sounds weird even if does get things done. From who? Who gets things done? Virgin Mary from her keyboard?

Chain prayers like this one used to be forbidden by the rules on the previous version of CAF, as being superstitious. I’m not sure if they still are here.

The OP who posted this obviously was saying the prayer to get help for him or herself, and published the prayer here in hopes of fulfilling the “conditions” and receiving the help from Mary.

Let’s all pray for the OP’s intention and turn this into a positive.

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