Virgin Diaries

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

A lot of the couples seemed so eager about the fact of losing their virginity I watched a different channel after 15 minutes of watching it. I just consider someone’s virginity status to be a private matter.

I haven’t seen this programme or heard of it before now but it seems to me like it’s making virginity to seem this terrible burden and you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. It just seems kinda sad that people are finding entertainment in this, especially since you do kinda know that most people will be laughing at these people for not jumping into bed with the first possible partner.

I have it on the DVR but haven’t seen it yet. I was hoping this show would present a more positive image for younger folks to emulate. I know when I worked with adolescents, yes, the young ladies did want to go ahead and have babies and be on “Teen Mom” and the like. (“You know they make big money; I want that.”)

We have a very monkey-see, monkey-do society. I’m hoping our poor kiddos can find some better role models, even if in unlikely places.

Ew. This is why I hate tv.

I may be a virgin but I would never apply to be on that show or similar reality type programs that poke at virginity. I would rather see people of various ages being interviewed about their choices and defend their choice no matter if its a personal and/or a religious one. I am sad to say I watched part of it but could not watch it in full.

I think it’s a personal decision and of course they have the right to try to case in on tv with their personal lives if that’s what they want to do but why would anyone want to even for a possible big payoff. :rolleyes:

I finally watched it. I thought it was respectful and let the participants tell their own stories. It certainly wasn’t “poking fun at” virgins. I still hope some good will come of this. Better young people watch this than the other stuff (which I can’t name because I don’t watch it!). Every time I’ve stumbled across most reality shows they’ve been ridiculous.

Do you think the director of the show asked those people to kiss in such a weird way just for attention/laughs?

I don’t think the director did. I think they were being themselves. I feel like that guy is maybe a little uncomfortable with his own sexuality, but that’s a separate thing from choosing abstainence.

Well, this show is back and is more awkward than ever. Watched an entire episode and awkwardly squirmed the whole way through. I’m looking forward to next week’s show just to see how they can further make people who are pure, chaste, and still virgins look even more socially unrefined and inept.

Here’s to you TLC; I’ve never been more motivated to save myself until the day I get married.



Got it on the DVR.

It’s tv, so I’m sure the creators went out of their way to find the most socially awkward, most “entertaining” folks.

Some people are going to watch this though and think this is representative of virgins.

TLC has got some pretty ****** tv shows. I saw this last night and I wish I hadn’t.

The whole concept is creepy. I don’t care about anyone’s sex life, or lack thereof. I can’t believe this is a show.

This is nearly just as stupid as “7 nights of sex” or whatever. Since it’s on TLC, I take it that it’s a reality show?

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