Virgin Mary in Picture?


I put this in another forum and I decided to do it here also. It’s a pic I got from a co worker who said his relative snapped, where supposedly the Virgin Mary was appearing. He said she wasn’t there when he took it. It was taken a few years ago but I can’t recall where. She is to the right of the Crusifix.

Check it out


spent some time at walmart with friend who showed me how I can manipulate my photos to get exactly what I want, if I can to it with walmart photo developing, what could I do with a digital camera and graphics software. photographic evidence is no evidence at all, not time, no place, no source, no evidence. ho hum


It looks like a statue to me. Since the person taking the picture has no recollection of the event, there’s no reason to believe it’s not a statue (in other words, the person wouldn’t remember if there was an actual statue there or not). It has no properties (glowing, translucence, etc) to make me think it’s any sort of supernatural image.


The person who took the pic, acually was considering the Priesthood after he discovered it. Also, i never said he never had a recollection of the event. I just said i can’t remember where he said it was taken.


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