Virgin Mary Stone Decrypted

After seeing videos on Decrypting da Vinci’s artwork by overlaying a flipped image of the Original Artwork. To my surprise, the validity of the stone comes through with amazing Decrypted Images. Prepare to be Amazed

This reminds me of the Rorschach (ink blot) test - what you see in the stone tells has more to do with you as a person than with what is actually there.

In a sense. If you see something other than the truth it is your Perception. But this is no ink blot, and once seen the images are clear to all that see them.
In the 3rd picture from the top you have a ferro with crown standing. his robe has big white shoulder pads. you can see a neckless,beard, mustash,crown,eyes nose. detail is perfect look till you see it… then tell me I lie

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