Virgin Mary/Virgin de Guadalupe?

Are they one and the same? I ask because I am new to the Catholic Faith (currently in RCIA and loveing it) From what I understand they are one and the same but I just want to make sure as I plan on moveing to Mexico in a year or so.

They are.

Thank you. I thought they were. :thumbsup:

When Our Lady appears to someone there generally develops a devotion to Our Lady of {insert location of apparition here}. So Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Knock, etc. Obviously since Our Lord has only one Mother, there is only one Blessed Virgin Mary. It is very interesting. however, that when she has appeared to various people she shows herself in a way that connects with that person’s humanity - so that Our Lady of Guadalupe’s image on the tilma looks like an Aztec princess, not the Semitic teenager who gave birth to the Infant Jesus. Not because there are multiple Virgins or because the visions are projections of the seers’ imaginations but because she is Mother of all her Son’s beloved disciples, and so the Lord reveals her.

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