"Virgin Mary" vs "Mother of GOD"

I have noticed that Catholics care so much about the title “Mother of GOD”!, while JESUS called her “woman” in John 2:4 and not any divine title.

Why wouldn’t Catholics concentrate on the title “Virgin Mary”, and with the other Christian sects tech their children how Mary kept her virginity all her life, so the generation of this age (boys & girls) learn something and stop the standard sinful practice of losing virginity before the legal marriage!!!

:frowning: I’m sadly saying that because it’s really hard to explain how being a virgin in the Christian family doesn’t seem that important, but for a Jewish or Islamic family is crucial.

Dear Sam.

Firstly Mary IS the Mother of God (keep in mind Mary cannot forgive sins only God forgives sins).

Also we’re concerned about the Fullness of Truth not just sentiments.:slight_smile:

I also don’t see how this connects to losing virginity:confused: Virginity is crucial in Catholicism. Unfortunately people make terrible choices sometimes due to ignorance or gulliblity, peer pressure and even more sadly through innocence.


The term “Woman” is in reference to Mary being the new Eve. Eve brought about destruction for mankind by disobeying God, while Mary by saying yes to God brought mankind’s redemption. For a fuller explanation, see Dr. Scott Hahn’s book “The Lamb’s Supper”.

Well first, the last point you made: This is a modern world with free
society, so sadly people are bound to sin such sins. God help us.
Now that this out of the way…

Jesus calls Mary “Woman” a couple other times, particularly in the Gospel of John I think,
and what Protestants tend to miss is how symbolic the word “Woman” in that context is.
What did Adam say of the second human created for him?"…she shall be called Woman…"

  • (Genesis 2:23)
    Most, if not all, Christians accept Jesus as the Second or New Adam, our new covenantal
    head, as our first covenantal head (Adam) brought sin and death into the world, so we are
    made to sin and die. In Jesus, however, we are saved by Grace and have the hope of hav-
    ing Eternal Life.
    Now how is that relevant? Who’s the New Eve? MARY! The Catholic Church recognizes
    this part of God’s Plan, for just as God becomes our Father (by adoption) through belief
    in his Son, Jesus Christ, Mary in turn becomes our Mother (not Goddess). Recall also
    at the Cross, if you need any further confirmation. What did Jesus say to his mother?"…Woman, behold your son,"
    –(John 19:26)
    Then to John his disciple?"…Behold your Mother…"
    –(John 19:27)
    And “from that time on, this disciple took her into his home,” so you see, Mary is our
    Mother, that wasn’t just written for no reason, like some non-Catholics would claim, it
    was meant for us too and when we take her into our home, we welcome the very God
    she bore in her womb also.

Jesus called his mother “Woman” (And even Paul does
this in Galatians 4:4) because Mary is the New Woman,
the New Eve, New Mother of the New Creation in Christ.
Such is so sadly overlooked by non-Catholics.

And yes, we Catholics DO care so much about the title “Mother of GOD,”
because Jesus is God, Mary is his mother, ergo Mary is Mother of GOD.
Are we to ignore that?


I’ve understood the Title having more to do with Jesus than with Mary…
…Christians understand Jesus to be ''God", therefore Mary was the Mother of God.
…See: Isaiah 35,4 where it says literally God will come & save.

When John the Baptist sent his disciples out to inquire of Jesus if He was who the Jews had been waiting for…
…Jesus explicitly quoted that Scripture in Isaiah leaving no doubt that He was the God spoken of in Isaiah 35,4.
…And many other Scriptures in the Old Testament.

What you say Sam I’m afraid many of all religions are guilty of…
…When I was younger I failed in this area most terribly.
…When I was in the Military I was around many Muslims who also terribly failed in this area.

I simply know too many Muslims and too many Jews who don’t think it’s important enough to remain chaste until “legal marriage”…
…I know too many Christians who also have the same lack of understanding.
…Myself being one of them ( In the past ).

I think it’s safe to say that many people in every religion identify as being such and such…
…And don’t take it seriously - it’s more of they were raised in such and such of a religion.
…They went through the motions or rituals w/out understanding what those rituals signified.

We are all guilty of “something” and while it’s always easier to consider the other persons sins worse than our own…
…Sin is, in the end, still sin and we are all in the soup without God.
…And to God our sin may be worse then the other guys so we pray for each other.

In any event this is the best I can do for your question.

Revelation CHAPTER 12

A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

Catholics do refer to Mary as the Virgin Mary and with much greater frequency than “Mother of God.” “Mother of God” is more of a title (like “Queen of Heaven” or “Star of the Sea”). Catholics do strongly emphasize her virginity. In fact, her perpetual virginity is a dogma of the Catholic faith. Catholics are even ridiculed by many Protestants, who impiously deny her perpetual virginity, as being obsessed with celibacy. The same is true with the practice of clerical celibacy and religious vows of continence, the belief in the sacrametality and indissolubility, the moral evil of contraception and other sexual issues. Virginity is hardly neglected in Catholicism. The issue you are concerned with (premarital sex) is not due to Marian devotion, but to people being overtaken by the cares of the pagan world.

They’ve answered this fairly well, though not in a straight forward manner. Let’s take the title of “Mother of God” first. Mary is accorded this title NOT out of any merit on her part, rather the title “Mother of God” points to Jesus. It is meant to re-emphasize that Jesus is God…that Jesus was conceived and born as GOD and Man. The Eastern Orthodox use the title THEOTOKOS (God-Bearer). The term has been OFFICIALLY a title assigned to Mary since 431AD and the 3rd Ecumenical Council…but was used long before that. It was given to her as a way of addressing the Nestorian heresy that in part stated that Mary gave birth to the human Jesus but not his divinity…thus dividing Christ’s nature.

Yes, Jesus called Mary “woman” as a sign of respect and as recognizing her as the second Eve.

virgin mary vs. mother of God is a false dichotomy.

they both refer correctly, completely and solely to the same human being.

an important fact to remember is that no christian sect teaches that women who commit fornication or adultery are to be corporally punished, even to the point of death.

sadly, this important fact does not apply to the islamic faiths.

Clear :).

Unfortunately people make terrible choices sometimes due to ignorance or gulliblity, peer pressure and even more sadly through innocence.

That is why I was emphasizing on planting the title “Virgin Mary” inside the children mind so when they grow up and getting that temptation they always remember “Virgin Mary” which could prevent them from committing that sin.

:slight_smile: I have no issue with that, I believe she is the new Eve.

It’s good o acknowledge that, and it’s good also to speak out in the public that the generation of this age needs GOD’s help. :thumbsup:

And yes, we Catholics DO care so much about the title “Mother of GOD,”
because Jesus is God, Mary is his mother, ergo Mary is Mother of GOD.
Are we to ignore that?

Then Mary is the “Mother of LORD JESUS” ;).

Pythons, I agree with what you have said, people from different religions commit that sin, but the percentage is substantially different.

When I visited the west and I saw boys and girls publicly pushing for that sin, I really felt so terrible, read this sample story:

See, not even in Revelation she is called “Mother of GOD”…

https://forums.catholic.com/images/icons/icon14.gif Perfect, and they should teach that to their children and keep reminding them of that.

If any of JESUS 12 disciples have called her by that title then I would accept it.

We are not discussing the punishment of adultery here!

What about the Holy Spirit? Doesn’t our very God have a place in this discussion?

:gopray: If THE HOLY SPIRIT inspired me one day, then SURE I will accept it.

Ummm, who then, did they think she was? She gave birth to Jesus, Jesus is God, therefore, Mary is the mother of God.

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