Virgin novel by F.Paul Wilson back in print

Has anyone heard of the book “Virgin” by thriller/science fiction author F. Paul Wilson (author of The Keep, The Tomb, etc.)? I just finished reading it and thought it was a pretty good fiction story except for some obvious misgivings. And especially the “message” of the Virgin at the end would be considered problematic to many.

To explain, the premise is that a priest and nun discover the perfectly preserved body of the Virgin Mary hidden away in a cave in Israel and hide her away in a church in New York and then miracles begin to happen. Obviously, the Assumption is presumed to have not happened in this scenario because she was hidden away very early on with few having knowledge of it and one guardian to watch over the Resting Place. Otherwise, the Church’s teaching is not misrepresented.

It was originally published as under the pseudonym Mary Elizabeth Murphy (Wilson’s wife’s maiden name) in the mid-nineties. He has just re-released it under his own name

I understand the author was raised Catholic but is no longer practising. According to an entry on the forums of his website,, he considers himself a “recovering Catholic.”

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