Virginia Abortion Ban Struck Down

Stephanie Toti, a lawyer with the Center for Reproductive Rights, which represented the plaintiffs in the case, a doctor and a medical center, said in a statement that the Virginia ban was extreme.

“The only way for doctors to obey this law would be to stop performing the most common second-trimester abortion methods,” Ms. Toti said.

As though this would be a bad thing.

I’m starting to think that the only thing that’s ever gonna turn people’s minds around to the horrors of abortion is if we could find a way to film abortions happening in the womb to show the agony and torture these innocent babies endure before dying.

I hate how evil or world has become.

Both laws prohibited the procedure known medically as intact dilation and extraction. [graphic description follows]

Chilling. How can anyone read that and think “Yeah, so? No big deal.” I guess as long as it’s a “medical” “procedure” on a “fetus,” it’s okay. God help us.

The hoodlums in robes are up to their immoral tricks once more.

They should all be impeached.

To accomplish that, you must elect a congressman willing to impeach them, and a senator willing to convict them.

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