Virginia bishop responds to Kaine's support for same-sex marriage, affirms Church teaching [CWN]


Bishop Francis DiLorenzo of Richmond, Virginia, has issued a statement reaffirming the Catholic teaching on marriage—apparently in response to a public prediction by vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine that the Church will eventually endorse same-sex marriage.



Has Kaine been excommunicated (perhaps privately) or simply asked to not receive the communion by his local Bishop, Pastor, etc? By all accounts I’ve read or heard about he still receives publicly in his home parish every Sunday.


Pro-abort Catholics who publicly campaign for the abortion of children and then get standing ovations in a Catholic parish do very serious damage to the credibility of the Catholic Church. Up until a few decades ago this would never have been tolerated. It is undeniable that many millions of Catholics are being led into confusion about human life and marriage issues. I will not judge or publicly criticize any bishops but we cannot deny that this is the very gravest scandal.


Oh heavens. News stories often portray him as singing in the church choir, and singing solos…


I am glad that heresy is being condemned. People will know that the Church is not considering allowing same-sex marriages because of the condemnation. We are not a false church.


I knew about Kaine’s stance when he ran for governor. Not impressed with him.


That was National Public Radio. Perhaps one might find a more nuanced approach elsewhere?


Well, most news is hardly nuanced, is it?
ABC news
Washington Post
AP News
Washington Times
They’'re all working the “he even sings solos with the choir!” angle. The implication being “He must be a good Catholic!”


I’m certainly no fan of Tim Kaine, but in fairness, is he violating any church teaching by saying that he believes the Catholic Church will one day accept same sex marriage ?


I don’t believe saying it violates anything. However, if he votes in support of anything that is against church teaching, well…


If he hasn’t been he should be, along with all the other CINOs* in government.

*Catholics In Name Only


Going against any prohibitions? Maybe not, I think the real thing to consider is why is he saying such a thing and if he were to truly believe this what is he basing it upon.

I surmise it is just pot stirring and politiking.


Yes he is. He is teaching others to ignore/perhaps even defy Church teachings when, as the faithful Catholic he claims to be, he should be publically upholding it. He is proclaiming heresy. His bishop needs to talk to him, and if Kaine won’t desist his bishop should deny him communion until he recants what he publically proclaimed, if only in private, and cease making pronouncements against Church teachings. His bishop has every right to demand he conform–at least outwardly by not defying Church teachings in public. What he holds in his heart is between him and God. Kaine’s remarks are reckless and irresponsible at the least and heretical at the worst.




It sounds as though we both might be searching for better sources of information. :o If I find that more nuanced source I dream of, I’ll publish it here on CAF.
However, I’m not advising any CAF members to hold their breaths for the duration of the search. :smiley:
NPR is one of the sources I monitor and they are pushing Mrs. Clinton pretty hard,(the piece on her running mate singing in the choir being an example) and are not at all providing coverage favorable to Mr. Trump (at least, not during my commuting hours when I am scanning news coverage on various radio stations.)
It does help, having Catholic radio in my area, as they are much more likely to examine issues within the framework of Catholic morality.
May God bless you.


His pastor is a very busy guy, so maybe he hasn’t gotten around to it. In fact, he’s so busy that Tim Kaine’s parish can’t even offer regularly scheduled confession and only one Mass a week.


Bingo. :thumbsup:

Yes, Kaine is violating Church teaching.


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