Virginia Church to Shed Images of Confederate Past


Virginia Church to Shed Images of Its Confederate Past

*A Virginia church known as the “Cathedral of the Confederacy” has removed needlepoint kneelers and retired its coat of arms, as it sheds some images from the sanctuary that reflect its historic ties to the Confederacy.

Leaders of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, located in Richmond in the shadow of the Virginia state Capitol, announced the changes Sunday to worshippers after months of discussion, the Richmond Times-Dispatch (*) reported Tuesday.

In response to those conversations, the church “voted overwhelmingly to embark on a new journey of racial reconciliation,” church leaders said in a statement…

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They should also prohibit the wearing of gray suits, and forbid the flying of the Stars and Stripes which had for over half a century defended race-slavery. :tsktsk:

On the other hand, some can be proud of the symbols of Fascism that decorate Congress.:confused:

I mean if anyone wants to struggle with the purity of their political correctness. :wink: :eek: :eek: :eek:

May God guide us in making our decisions.political, racial and spiritual. "Create in e a clean heart, oh Lord.
I live in Fayetteville, NC. We have the MAEKET SQUARE in center city. As a market all things were sold there, including slaves. There is always the debate to tear it down or leave it up.
If we keep tearing down,everything will be forgotten about our sin of slavery. I just had a thought about opening up the small room that it is and have shows on slavery exhibited. The English sent the Irish into slavery. They seem t them to Antiquated and Jamaca. On the block, an African Amercantile would sell for 59£ and the Irish lassie sold for5£. We crossed rhe ocean on slave ships…We were treated the same as rhe movie “ARMMATIGE”
ANYWAY LET HISTORY STAND WITH ALL ITS UGLY REMINDERS. I DO BELIEVE the Confederate flag needed to come down a d be sore in a museum?
If we take down all the monumets, we dishonored those who suffered and died in burying
Them in the rubble

in Christ’s love

I feel silly for asking this, especially since I used to work in that building… but what is it that you’re pointing out in the picture?

By bundling the axe handle with sticks it’s a symbol of strength in unity. It’s also however a symbol of Fascism.

It’s usage in the US, for example on the Mercury dime, and in Congress predated it’s co-option by Fascism. Not unlike the swastika in the east. Originally it was an homage to the Roman Republic which obviously plays an important role in how the founders viewed the US at its founding and in fitting with the overall neo-classical design of Washington DC itself.

What is ironic to me is that from all indications Lee, Davis and Stonewall Jackson were devout Christians. Lincoln was not. Stonewall Jackson even taught a slave Sunday school. Actions like this only promote a false historical narrative. It is acquiescing to ignorance and reductionist simplicity.

I could understand not mixing politics with religion and being very strict about that. But that doesn’t seem to be the goal. Do they still have and allow symbols of the current US government i.e. The Stars and Stripes which forces abortion, a far graver sin, on the people?

Well, how 'bout that? Learn something new each day!

I never noticed before my computer adds things. i.e.African American became African Americntile. It’s a miracle if anyone understood my message

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