Virginia election 2013: Attorney General race officially goes to recount


RICHMOND, Va. (AP/WJLA) - Republican state Sen. Mark Obenshain asked for a recount Wednesday in his quest to overcome a 165-vote loss to Democratic state Sen. Mark Herring in the neck-and-neck race to become Virginia’s next attorney general.
The closest statewide election in modern Virginia history is also expected to entail the state’s most extensive recount. Attorneys for Obenshain promised a thorough but polite rivalry with Herring’s attorneys to ensure that every ballot of more than 2.2 million cast Nov. 5 is properly accounted for.

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In 2004, Republican Dino Rossi finished ahead of Democrat Christine Gregoire in the race for governor, by a margin of just 261 votes. But a recount gave Gregoire a lead of just 129 votes.

That was in Washington but shows how recounts can change results


Well, hopefully the most pro-Catholic wins, but I’ve lost a lot of faith in Virginia.

I feel bad for the folks at the naval yards and in Appalachia who have to put with all the self-centered big government voters in northern VA who ironically are there because they don’t live in the oppressive DC-city or in Martin O’Malley’s Maryland.

Conservatives are on to something when they say that leftists ruin their home and then move elsewhere to spread their plague of an ideology.


Leftists are similar to viruses in that they need healthy (conservative) hosts to parasitize.

I’m a transplant to Virginia myself and must confess I loathe the transplants that vote Democrat here.


I live in DC and I love it a lot more than Virginia. Great housing prices, there’s a massive police force that keeps crime in check, and the convenience of public transportation cannot be overstated. In addition, it’s a great city-life atmosphere. The speed cameras are annoying, yes, but the police force itself is almost intolerable in Virginia, whereas they’re extremely accomodating here if you need help, and they never pull you over for completely fake reasons [also unlike Virginia]. In fact, because of the speed cameras, they’re able to devote themselves to lookout posts and making sure crime stays down. In case of emergency, there’s always an officer less than 2-3 minutes away.

I don’t know if you have, but if you haven’t, I’d suggest you actually LIVE in both Virginia and DC before making such a rash judgment. DC is a great place to live.


I think it just depends on preference. I grew up in farm country, so I love a more rural area. However, I have settled on life in the suburbs, because in I can still get a decent track of land, and not be far from conveniences. I can;t stand city life. Used to live in Jersey City, NJ, and DC, and I just miss trees and open spaces.

My sister loves DC, and prefers it to VA and MD. All three can be great places to live, but unfortunately, DC cast offs are migrating in Fairfax and Loudon counties, ruining what was once a great state. It is becoming a larger version of MD, without the major city and sports teams (Redskins are DC, and play in MD). MD long ago lost its mind. Any state that taxes rain and reelects Martin O’Malley is full of incompetence.


Actually, the recount still had Rossi ahead by 42 points. So what do you do if you’re the Democrats and you lose the recount? Recount again! So in the 2nd recount the Gregoire workers (aka “king country election workers”) “found” 572 new ballots that gave her enough votes to put her over the top by 133 votes. (King county is the most liberal part of Washington state). Then they stopped recounting. This is why governor Gregoire was sometimes referred to as “Fraudoire” . But what angers me more is how many Seattle Catholics in the archdiocese voted for Gregoire - who is an Emily’s List pro-abortion rights Catholic herself. But I guess she was for the downtrodden and Rossi was the greedy Republican - and Democrat Catholics vote accordingly.


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