Virginia Man to Search for Noah's Ark in Turkey

Virginia Man to Search for Noah’s Ark in Turkey

Saddened by the wickedness of man, God directs the righteous Noah to build an ark for his family and two of each species of animal.
Together, they ride the ark through 40 days and 40 nights of torrential rains that God unleashes upon the Earth. And when the waters subside, Noah and the animals return to land.
“That seems almost like a fairy story,” said archaeologist Randall Price, who is director of Liberty University’s new Center for Judaic Studies. “But we believe it was an actual event.”


I wonder what the Turks think about all this.

Anyway, the article notes “Bright first climbed to the site in September. Then a team including Price, the shepherd, a mountaineer and several others made a follow-up ascent to 15,000 feet later the same month.”

I’ll leave it to someone else to calculate the amount of water needed to float a boat and strand it 15,000 feet up a mountain side.

I think if you google Noah’s Ark you will find that the discovery of the Ark is old old news. The problem has been that the Turkish government has been highly reluctant in allowing anybody to climb up the mountain to continue the verification process. BTW, you sound as if you don’t believe the event actually happened. Where’s your faith?

And when was this?

Try back in the early 80s’ or maybe sooner… but for sure, it’s already been done, along with finding Sodom and a few other places as well.

If the Ark has been found, why isn’t it common knowledge? Why is this guy going to Turkey?



Because, like everything else that has to do with proving that the Bible is a factual document, people refuse to believe evidence when presented to them at the time these things are proven. As I’ve said before many times, go do some research for yourself and quit relying on other people to tell you what you think you aught to be hearing.

Like, what, Narnia? Middle Earth? Pelucidar?

Well, if it is as settled an issue as you believe it is, why is this man (who obviously believes that the Ark exists) still looking? He clearly believes that the Bible is a factual document. Why would he refuse to believe the evidence?

As I’ve said before many times, go do some research for yourself and quit relying on other people to tell you what you think you aught to be hearing.

Interesting. Were you part of the expedition in the 1980s that found the Ark? If not, are you not relying on other people to tell you what to think you aught to be hearing?

By the way, I have read those accounts and discount them just like almost everyone else, including a lot of bible literallists.



Protestant fundamentalists find it very important to find proof that whatever is reported in the Old Testament actually occurred, since they believe that it all literally happened. That is fine with me, if someone works to give weight to their religious convictions. But finding proof that there was actually an the ark would not be so important to Catholics, since it would not give evidence to an article of the Catholic faith, though of course such a discovery would of great interest to any Christian if that discovery was made.

Don’t hold your breath.

Would someone explain how the ark beached 15,000 above sea level? That’s one massive Flood, and deserves the capital “F”.

It must have been cold way up there for 40 days on the ark, and the air must have been thin. I’m surprised the desert animals were able to survive in winter conditions like that for 40 days.

They’d need an oxygen supply at that altitude. All except the anaerobic bacteria.

There are some good arguments against the flood but not this one. They would have been at sea level.

You’re saying the sea levels were 15,000 feet higher than they are now?

Uh Duh?** If **the flood happened and the ark is found at 15,000 feet then they were at sea level. Or the mountains were lower. In any case they would have been at sea level.

Of course! The mountains rose 15,000 feet in a few thousand years. Why not. There’s always a magic hand wave answer to everything about the ark, so who not one for mountains.

I am only attacking your failed logic.

Gee, arclight, sounds like you need to be completely re-educated in biblical geology! :rolleyes:

It has nothing to do with biblical geology.

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