Virologist whistleblower says COVID-19 was intentionally created in Chinese lab

Virologist whistleblower says COVID-19 was intentionally created in Chinese lab

Sep. 16, 2020 - 6:36 - Dr. Li-Meng Yan joins Tucker Carlson with insight on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Also this (while it is still there) from July 10th, 2020 . . .


The usual undermining of her (Li-Meng Yan M.D., Ph.D.) credibility has begun (which is just how you would expect this to play out. That is how its done.).

From Wikipedia. . . .

The paper is affiliated with the Rule of Law Society, founded by Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui.[26][29] The Rule of Law Society had not previously published scientific or medical research.[29] According to Newsweek , several experts in evolutionary biology and infectious disease, including Jonathan Eisen and Carl Bergstrom, said the paper did not include new information, contained multiple unsubstantiated claims and had a weak scientific case.[26] According to Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University, the paper was “basically all circumstantial and some of it is entirely fictional”.[29]

After describing her newly published research paper in a Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson in mid-September 2020, Yan said she believed the Chinese government intentionally released the virus.[30]


I hope she will be safe coming out with this info.


Trump, his media apparatus, and the American bourgeoisie generally are really pushing for a war with China, or at least trying to spark up animosity at home in case the intra-imperialist conflict between the two nations reaches any kind of peak. It’s funny to see Trump and Fox News try to blame Covid on China while simultaneously denying how harmful it is when it comes to the health of the working class at home. Another contradictory narrative.

At any rate I think that whether or not Trump remains as president we will see the American bourgeoisie pushing for greater conflict with them. “The left” would be happy to unite against China for ecological concerns or any other reason, and given the economic conflict between the two countries I think this is something the American ruling class are going to play up for a long while.


It seems the American left is too enamored by Russia to want to engage the greater threat of China. China seems to have paid off everyone from former US politicians, to Biden’s son, to Hollywood, to tech companies to WHO to NBA players. China gets a free pass on Uighur concentration camps, slave labor, and genuine oppression of their people. The media has circled the wagons around the Chinese Communist Party and don’t seem to be interested in asking tough questions: Are the claims of Li-Meng Yan true? Why the lack questioning about why Li Wenliang was reprimanded by the Chinese government? Did Li Wenliang really die from COVID (he was only 34) Why would a WHO leader refuse to address any questions about COVID’s impact on Taiwan? Does it not seem strange that the COVID deaths for China are so low, that they somehow solved the problem? The obvious lying by the Chinese government is obvious, but if you ask questions, get ready to be called racist and xenophobic.

For me, its a matter of the truth…its a matter of no more free passes for China (ex: Paris Accords, technology theft, slave labor, Uighurs, unfair trade). Their role in COVID needs to be exposed, and their needs to be consequences, not just imposed by the US, but by all nations.


Regular_Atheist . . .

Trump, his media apparatus, and the American bourgeoisie generally are really pushing for a war with China . . .

No we are not. And no Trump is not too.

That is part of the reason WHY he is so hated. Trump has kept us out of unnecessary military adventures, while maintaining high security yet giving us a strong military.

Not as much Military Industrial Complex monies out to private consulting companies with no wars.

It is the national leftists
that like war and self-destruction
(as Tulsi Gabbard warned her fellow-Democrats)
so they can re-build society in the image and likeness of themselves. . . . Which never lasts long due to its self- destructive nature.


Thank you for including a refutation of your own article. Very fair of you!


Not particularly, they took the virus seriously.

I’ll never get over the fact that some people believe the virus is a Chinese bioweapon designed to hurt the global economy and also we shouldn’t do anything to prevent the spread of the virus. Conservatives’ support of the goals of the dreaded CCP would be baffling if you weren’t already familiar with conservatives.


Balto1 . . .

I’ll never get over the fact that some people believe the virus is a Chinese bioweapon designed to hurt the global economy and also we shouldn’t do anything to prevent the spread of the virus.

You are equivocating. At least if these “some people” are the posters here.

Nobody is saying what you just put forth . . . Yet.

They are saying the virus was manufactured in China.

That is just a fact. (This is yet another problem exemplified with political correctness gone amok. If we were all just calling it the Wuhan Corona Virus, these origins would not get so easily obscured. More leftist politics over substance with their pretending the word “Wuhan” in that context is a swear word.)

Was it via nature (at a Wuhan wet-market)?
Or was it manufactured via research?

(We all know the Chinese Communist GOVERNMENT is untrustworthy. Nothing that they say will be of much value in a situation like this.)

And if it WAS research, what was the purpose? Medical? Bioweaponry? Incidental microbiology? Something else?

You’ve thrown out a conspiracy theory here that nobody (on this thread anyways) has yet put forth.

This is just utter nonsense. There is no evidence that Trump is pushing for war. In fact, he’s the first president in decades not to involve us in a new war.
If finally standing up to the communist government there in terms of trade, individual rights, and protecting allies in the area, such Taiwan (RoC) is “sparking animosity”, too bad.

Certainly the Washington elite is often in favor of more conflict, one reason they oppose Trump.

No. They’re allies of China.


The way it has spread across the world is evidence of how seriously they took their virus.


Yes…seriously as in a lying, oppressive, and make people disappear way.

the idea that conservatives don’t believe we should do anything about the virus is a strawman.

I’ll never get over why some people believe, trust and support the CCP (at least those not members of the CCP)


China’s Infection curve
China Death curve

Is this sourced through the communist Chinese government?


Didn’t take much reading to find out.

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And we Should trust that vicious totalitarian regime?
I don’t think so.


If one believes anything potentially controversial out of the CCP, I have a bridge to sell you. Analysts who cover China have known for decades that the CCP is famous for fudging their numbers. There is an entire cottage industry around how and what to observe to get a better reading on what is actually happening than what the official numbers give us.

One of the really irritating things is the extent to which Chinese companies do not have to fully comply with SEC reporting requirements in order to have their stocks listed on the major US exchanges. To which every time further compliance is brought up, the Chinese always manage to escape having to comply. So while there are major Chinese success stories in the US stock market like Alibaba and Tencent, there are a fair number of other companies that have put out fraudulent listings via which US investors lost billions.

Obfuscation and corruption are both a way of life in Chinese governments at all levels so it should not surprise anyone that they export that abroad for their own advantage. Biden and his son are a known part of the problem and it should be no secret that China strongly prefers Biden to Trump. A lot of hue and cry is targeted at Russian interference, but not a single word about Chinese interference. I guess it is just a matter of selectivity regarding who the media wants to see in the White House.

This particular report hasn’t been peer reviewed and was published by questionable sources. So it is automatically shut down by those who refuse to consider any possibility whatsoever that the Chinese might have been lying to us. They’re saints, apparently, because Biden likes them. That’s why Disney saw nothing wrong with filming in the Xinjiang Province and city and they’re likely puzzled why so many people are objecting to that. More of that mentality on these shores as companies and organizations like the NBA, et al, still fantasize about the riches available in the Chinese market.


RidgeSprinter on China . . .

Absolutely amazing!

The Communist People’s Republic of China has had ZERO Corona Virus deaths since mid to late April!!!

Wowser! Who’da thunk it?

Is THAT ever impressive!

Say thanks for sharin’. This gives me a whole new perspective on how great communist China is!


Free trade between companies, not the alliance of governments, will suffice.

Maybe Cameron had the right idea.

Well, there are 1.4 billion mouths to feed. And don’t forget India, which may overtake the economies of China and the U.S. soon.

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