Virtual Rosary Software


Anyone use this? What do you think of it?


used once prefer beads in the hands


I used to use this website when I worked (at lunchtime, of course). It was very easy to use and did not bother the people passing my work station. Unless they looked at my computer screen, they didn’t know what I was doing (most thought I was just meditating or reading, by the way, they all knew I am Catholic).


I have it on my work computer.

I like the fact that it references the biblical source of the Mysteries.

I use my rosary at the same time, and it works nicely.


Thanks for the responses. I was thinking of writing software for the Windows Mobile 6 platform - as my cell phone / PDA uses this operating system. I am a software developer which means I can write my own nifty programs!

So I was on a site that was explaining the Rosary when I saw the link to “Virtual Rosary” and clicked on it. It was this site. This website doesn’t have a version for my PDA but that doesn’t mean I can’t write one - which I already have in mind what I need to do.

I was sort of considering getting this software but I think I may just write my own - especially if I want one for the Windows Mobile 6 platform.


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