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I just virtually attended the Catholic Traveler (Mountain Butorac) nighttime video tour of the rather empty Vatican Museums. He is doing regular events for his Patreon supporters. I probably get badgered to join somebody’s Patreon about once a week but this is the first time I actually did it. The tour was great because unlike the in-person tour, it wasn’t wall-to-wall people with shouting tour guides. If you want to become a Patron and get access to exclusives like his virtual tours, his website has a link to Patreon.

A couple months ago I also took a virtual “tour” of Jerusalem with a different tour guide, although it was mostly pictures and focused on some of the recent conflict history, but still fun.

Anybody else have any good recommendations for tour guides doing virtual tours or events, especially focused on Catholicism, post them here. I know that the pandemic and travel bans have really hit a lot of them in the pocketbook. I miss traveling too but can’t do it right now, so this is a nice solution that allows me to help someone else while doing something productive with my Internet time.


Virtual Camino walk!

From Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela, you’ll be accompanied by Margaret, a young and curious american traveller and Antonio, a chatty and friendly spaniard lover of the small pleasures of life.
You’ll walk through ancient paths, magical woods plagued with many legends, vast plains of cereals, vineyards, beech woodlands. You’ll cross rivers and mountains. You will visit ruins, cathedrals, museums and chapels, enjoying lovely sunrises and the most beautiful landscapes meanwhile you choose you´re own journey.
You will overcome the adverse conditions and enjoy life during the Camino among with Margaret, Antonio and other singular characters who will make you feel at home. You will have to accustom the cultural differences and in the most difficult moments you’ll even doubt if to continue.
No one said the Camino would be easy, but you’ll understand why this experience marked so many pilgrims once you finally see the towers of Santiago’s Cathedral.

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That’s great! Someday I’d like to do the real Camino. Someday, si Dios quiere…

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I would like real Camino too, that is one of my biggest wishes for pilgrimage (Lourdes to Camino route).
I hope one day!

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