Virus sends hundreds of children in the midwest to hospitals


Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge of this? It’s got me on edge, and I’m wondering how accurate the news report is. I’m worried it will get worse before it gets better.

I hope all those kids will be OK.


Do you have a link to an article which does not require a subscription? I cannot afford to pay for a subscription in order to read the news.


Here is a free news link:

Here is the CDC’s background report:


Thank you for the link to a free article.

This is so incredibly sad. I believe I read about this earlier tonight on another site, possibly the one you linked to. From what I understand, children with Asthma and other respiratory conditions are at an increased risk from this virus. I wonder if it can affect adults with such illnesses?

I hope and pray that this virus can be stopped soon.


There isn’t much information about this out so far.
The question has been raised that this may be connected with the illegal immigrant children that have been sent all over the country without health screening after they crossed the border–some third world countries have health problems that have been eradicated or kept under control in the U.S.
That said, I wouldn’t think this can’t be taken care of by the U.S. health system. There are no reports so far that any children have died from this. So I don’t see a reason for great concern.


Well, let’s certainly hope that they can survive if treated in the U.S. health system.



(CNN) – A respiratory virus is sending hundreds of children to hospitals throughout the Midwest and beyond, health officials say.

The unusually high number of hospitalizations reported could be “just the tip of the iceberg in terms of severe cases,” said Mark Pallansch, a virologist and director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Viral Diseases.

Twelve states have contacted the CDC for assistance in investigating clusters of enterovirus: Alabama, Colorado, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Utah. Four – Colorado, Illinois, Missouri and Iowa – have confirmed cases of Enterovirus D68, also known as EV-D68.

Story and link.


our lady of lourdes, pray for them




I hope my post doesn’t get me in trouble. But I was reading about this and nowhere did the news articles did it mention illegals being a possible cause for this. It did say that other countries like the Netherlands, Japan, and Philippines have had this in the past.

This is where I’ll be as charitable as possible but direct as well. Why do people always blame illegals for everything here. I remember there was a thread started several months ago where an assistant district attorney was killed, and people were saying it was due to illegals. They even posted articles about illegal violence in the area. Once it was known that 2 white people did it, those people didn’t come back and apologize.

I’m just saying let’s not jump and point the fingers at others. Besides these kids that came from Central America they don’t come to get people hurt or sick. Their here to have a better life.


Enterovirus likely to spread through schools, experts say:


Interesting comments so far. I was wondering if anyone here had a first hand experience with the virus. I don’t think this has anything to do with the influx of illegals…new viruses are constantly emerging, and “older” or “known” virus are continually changing. Personally, i don’t know anyone affected by this virus.

(Sorry i didn’t think you needed a subscription for the article. I don’t subscribe to wsj, and i was able to read it.:shrug:)


St. Bernadette, please pray for all children with asthma and all vulnerable children. :signofcross:

I pray for this virus to stop replicating and die off. Amen.


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