Visible and Invisible Church!?


I am really confused! :confused: Someone told me that the Church is both visible and invisible. Can anyone explain this to me? That is if the statement is true. Thanks!


The person was probably referring to those people who are not explicit members of the Church, but have received baptism and are free from the sins of heresy or schism, and therefore may be united to it invisibly.

They could also have been referring to people invincibly ignorant (ie. suffering from an ignorance which cannot be overcome) of Christ and His Church, who receive a baptism of desire and become implicit members of the Church.


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BPCATHOLIC, I believe that this is what you are looking for

This is an interesting article on the visibility of the Catholic Church contrasting the belief of some Protestants that His Church is invisible.


The Church is made up of the saints in heaven, invisible, the souls in purgatory, invisible, and the faithful on earth, visible.


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