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My mom when to a relative’s wedding last night. My aunt told her that our grandma appeared to her, and she got so scared. They suggested that she maybe imagined it, but she insisted no. I also don’t think she’s lying, I know her and she doesn’t seem to be the type.

What does this mean? I have offered prayers for my grandma. I was wondering if maybe this means she’s asking for prayers?? HOwever, I had Gregorian Masses offered for her.


You should inquire personally of your aunt as to the circumstances; where she was at the time, what the apparition looked like (other than that it was your grandma) and was there any communication either verbally or by sense of well being or dread.

I make an assumption that your grandma has passed on. Was it recent?

I have an aunt who is a nun. It was told to me by another family member, that a cousin of mine who had been killed ( she was mixed up with drugs etc, but was trying to get her life together) appeared to the aunt to let her know that she was alright.

The night my dad died, my mother, while lying in bed sobbing, witnessed a shimmering blue light in her room. A feeling of peace came over her, that dad was ok. Blue was his favorite color.

If your grandma was asking for prayers, additional masses might be in order.


[quote=fin]My mom went to a relative’s wedding last night. My aunt told her that our grandma appeared to her…

What does this mean?

Don’t know but some comments

  • I’ve heard a number of people say the same thing - that they have either seen or heard loved ones who have died - especially immediately and soon after the person has died

  • my mother said she knew exactly when a very loved aunt died as she appeared to her in a dream at that time

  • some people (including me) have felt the presence of a loved or admired relative or friend who has died when we are stressed or indecisive or on special occasions - maybe we conjure them up as we think how we would like the person to be there and/or to help, maybe we don’t?

A chaplain at work (non-Catholic) some years ago said he believed that there were three situations where people tended to come back:

they had died very quickly and they wanted to say goodbye or tell those remaining that they were okay

those remaining did not know the real reason they died and wanted then to know the truth eg whether their death was accident or murder, whether they suicided or not

they had not been buried with the correct rites and needed that remedied.

All of the above are possibilities why a number of my family have felt the presence of a particular deceased family member - but that may just be a coincidence.


Generally speaking these sort of things are to be ignored. Or, better yet, not sought after.

An aparition that is not from the Devil requires God to directly intervene. The most likely source for these sort of things is from the person’s own self. The Carmelite spirituality talks a good deal about this stuff.

Why not seek after? Things like this can seem innocuous at first – even innocent. Take Medejegorie ‘apparitions’ for example. The Church has handed it down that they are totally inauthentic after the apparitions consistently made claims contrary to the faith.

When I was a boy I used to see a ghost in our house — an old New England hotel. The Devil is smart… she would say her name and what happened to her… My brother met her… and so did my mom. The girl would make beds, set tables for breakfast, and even wash dishes. My sister met the ghost of the man that killed her, and even her sister. It all started because of a Ouija board. The house was exorcized and nothing since. Except when I returned home after a long absence – I would pray and doors would slam… things like that. I would wake up with someone telling me how many sins I committed and how evil I was and how he was going to get me and tell everyone my secrets.

The fact is, the town records verify all the claims… someone was killed at the house. Well, behind the house – she was hit in the head with a rock…apparently accidentally on purpose over a man. Places can have bad memories. The only way to wipe them out is with prayer and sacramentals. Give places good memories. There is such thing as holy ground. I now keep a holy water font filled with water, and sign myself there, where the ‘young women’ used to stand wearing her lavenderish colour dress. But, the Devil knows how to get under our skin. He knows how to freak out children. He can say things that sound authentic, he can put ideas into our heads, and manipulate material things – all to the end to try to get you to despair or drive you insane.

So, if someone sees an apparition of grandmother… its probably spurious. Ghosts are fake. There is no such thing. There are demons and angels – anything else requires intervention from the Divine.


My humble advice, is that you arrange to have a Novena of Masses offered for your grandmother. Perhaps, you can relate the incident to your priest, as you have to us… and ask him for a special Novena of Masses for the repose of grandmothers soul.

I hope this helps. God bless.


I beg to differ, but I have found nothing official that supports this statement. I think the issue is ongoing and not yet resolved. Enough said, as this is a “no no” subject here on the Forum.

I agree with a great deal of what you have said in your post, particularly with respect to the Devil and his ability and desire to deceive. However, I think you are wrong here. Yes there are demons and angels, but there are also the spirits of the damned as well as those of the just. I do not pretend to know what “ghosts” are but I believe that the Almighty can and does permit apparitions, in furtherance of His Divine Will.


I agree with MarieVeronica, have additional masses said for her.


Thanks for all your replies.

According to my mom, my aunt saw the vision several days or weeks ago. They talked during the wedding last Sunday. The next day, Monday(which was yesterday), was my grandmother’s death anniversary.

Regarding the circumstance of my grandma’s death, nobody knew she died until two weeks after her death, which happened 2 years ago, because my estranged uncle, didn’t inform the others.

I had Gregorian Masses offered for my grandma last year, particularly because her relatives were not informed of her death.


As others have suggested, I would have Mass said for the repose of her soul. I would also pray the Rosary for her. Your Grandmother may be in Purgatory and this could be her way of asking for prayers. Regardless of whether this apparition was authentic, prayers are never said in vain. If this was demonic or just imaginary, your grandmother still exists and she will benefit by your prayers. You should also consider performing acts of penance such as fasting and offering them up for the repose of the soul of your grandmother.


I hadn’t realised medjugorje had been denounced. (Not saying I don’t believe you, I do). How were the claims supposed to be contrary to the faith? I’ve been following the monthly messages and although they seemed a bit vague, they didn’t strike me as abominable or anything. Just curious…


Medjugorje has not been denounced.


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