Vision of an angel

My dad passed away more than half year ago… and before that, there were a few times when I closed my eyes, a vision appeared in my eyes suddenly. I saw a crying/weeping angel sitting in a corner of a dark room, without any clothing, like a fat baby angel, with a pair of very big wings. The baby angel was weeping, as if very sad and lost.

This vision appeared for a few times in a few weeks. I didn’t know what it meant. After my dad passed away. This vision never appear again.

Who is the angel? whose gaurdian angel is he/she?
Was this vision true?

Anyone has similar experience? :confused:

It may not mean anything at all…when people close their eyes lots of images flash across your minds eye whether you want it to or not…our minds are very complex things…

If you think you have had a vision then the best person to seek advice about it from is your priest…they can guide you and advise you better than strangers on a internet forum…

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